Moonlight not starting often how to fix

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    Feb 12, 2008
    And if I reboot it ussually will work again (ornot) and ill have to reboot again.
    A log off may work aswell. But mostly doesn't seem to work.

    On the screen of the vita it says:
    Get: Ip XXXXXXXXX applist? unique id XXXXXXXX
    Got configuration: 960 544 60 2000
    GET IP XXXXXX Launch? uniqueid = XXXXXXX

    Anyone have any idea how to minimize this annoying bug?
    Is there a tool for a quick hardcore reboot of all nvidia related services? I tried via services.msc but that didnt seem to do the trick.

    Also a reboot of the moonlight app may work. But often comes up empty the same as logoff.

    And sometimes it's stuck on "cycling sockets"
    stuck on get server info..
    Can't connect to server (null) wow never got this error before...
    Ok so first i OCCASIONELY had this problem but rbooting ussually solved it.
    But now this day i have tried like 20 times! and NONE of the attempts worked. what is going on?
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