Homebrew RELEASE MissionControl: Use controllers from other consoles natively via Bluetooth


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Nov 5, 2018

Use controllers from other consoles natively on your Nintendo Switch via Bluetooth. No dongles or other external hardware neccessary.​

  • Supports all Switch firmware versions.
  • Connect up to 8 non-switch Bluetooth controllers simultaneously without any additional hardware.
  • Make use of native HOS menus for controller pairing, button remapping (firmware 10.0.0+) etc.
  • Rumble support*
  • Low input lag.
  • File-based virtual controller memory allowing for data such as analog stick calibration to be stored and retrieved.
  • Spoofing of host Bluetooth adapter name and address.
  • mc.mitm module adds extension IPC commands that can be used to interact with the bluetooth process without interfering with the state of the system.
*Rumble not currently implemented for all compatible controllers

Supported Controllers

Currently, the following controllers are supported. If you have a third-party variant of one of the below, or a Bluetooth controller that isn't listed, consider submitting an issue with the controller details, including vid/pid, to request support.​
  • Nintendo Wii Remote + extensions (Nunchuck, Classic Controller, Classic Controller Pro, SNES Mini, TaTaCon (Taiko drum))
  • Nintendo WiiU Pro Controller
  • Sony DualShock4 Controller
  • Sony Dualsense Controller
  • Microsoft Xbox One S/X Controller (not to be confused with Series S/X controllers - these use Bluetooth LE, which isn't currently supported)*
  • NVidia Shield Controller (2017 Model)
  • Ouya Controller
  • Gamestick Controller
  • Gembox Controller
  • iCade Controller
  • Ipega Controllers (9017s, 9023, 9055, 9062S, 9076, 9078, 9087 9096 confirmed working. Others may also work)
  • Xiaomi Mi Controller
  • Steelseries Free
  • Steelseries Nimbus
  • Steelseries Stratus Duo
  • GameSir G3s
  • GameSir G4s
  • GameSir T1s
  • GameSir T2a
  • Hori Onyx
  • 8bitDo SN30 Pro Xbox Cloud Gaming Edition
  • 8BitDo ZERO (Most other 8BitDo controllers have a Switch mode available. May require firmware update)
  • PowerA Moga Hero
  • PowerA Moga Pro
  • PowerA Moga Pro 2
  • Mad-Catz C.T.R.L.R
  • Razer Raiju Tournament
  • Razer Serval
  • Mocute 050
  • Gen Game S3
  • AtGames Legends Pinball Controller
  • Hyperkin Scout
*Not all Xbox One wireless controllers support Bluetooth. Older variants use a proprietary 2.4Ghz protocol and cannot be used with the Switch.

  • Hackable Nintendo Switch running an up to date version of Atmosphère custom firmware. Other custom firmwares are not supported.
  • Compatible Bluetooth controller

Download the latest release .zip and extract to the root of your SD card, allowing the folders to merge and overwriting any existing files. A console reboot is required in order for MissionControl to become active.​
IMPORTANT: Atmosphère >= 1.2.5 is required to run the latest release of Mission Control. Using an older Atmosphère version will cause Mission Control to crash or freeze the system on boot. Users upgrading from version 0.1.0 of Mission Control are also advised to wipe their pairing database and re-pair controllers running the latest version. Failure to wipe the old entries may result in non-switch controllers being detected incorrectly.


Install MissionControl to your SD card and reboot the console.​
MissionControl runs as a background process and makes use of the system's native UI to handle controllers. The controller pairing dialog can be accessed from the home screen via Controllers->Change Grip/Order. While sitting on this screen, place your controller in pairing mode (see below) and wait for it to connect to the console. Once paired, controllers will reconnect automatically when woken up. There is no need to re-pair them every time.​
Controllers that successfully pair but haven't been supported yet will display with red buttons on the Controllers menu to indicate their controls are not being mapped. Please open an issue to request support for such controllers.​
Your controller's buttons are mapped as closely as possible to the physical layout of a Switch Pro controller. This means that A/B and X/Y buttons will be swapped for controllers that use an Xbox style button layout rather than using what is printed on the button. The button combos MINUS + DPAD_UP and MINUS + DPAD_DOWN are provided for all controllers to function as an alternative for HOME and CAPTURE buttons in cases where there are not enough face buttons available.​
Most native features should just work (with the exception of things like firmware update). If you find something that's broken please create an issue.​
Pairing controllers

The supported controllers each have their own methods to enter pairing/sync mode. Below are instructions on entering this mode for each supported type.​
Wii(U) Controllers
Press the red sync button on the back of the controller. The controller LEDs will blink rapidly.​
Sony Dualshock4/Dualsense Controllers
Press and hold the PS + share buttons simultaneously until the lightbar starts blinking. When done correctly the blink pattern will resemble a heartbeat, otherwise it will blink periodically.​
If you have difficulty getting the controller to pair to the console, press the reset button on the back of the controller and keep trying. It should eventually connect.​
Xbox One Controllers
Press and hold the guide(X) button until the LED starts blinking. Then press and hold the small sync button on the back near the charging port until the LED starts blinking more rapidly. You should also ensure your controller firmware is up to date, as old firmwares were known to have flakey bluetooth.​
Other Controllers
Please refer to your controller's user manual for information on how to put it in sync mode. Note that many generic Bluetooth controllers can be started in one of several modes. Usually you want to choose something like HID, PC or Android mode for it to work correctly.​
Module configuration
A template for the config .ini file will be installed to /config/MissionControl/missioncontrol.ini.template. To modify the default module settings, copy the template to /config/MissionControl/missioncontrol.ini and uncomment/modify any settings you want to change. The file is only parsed on startup, so any changes you make will require a reboot to take effect. Currently there is only a small set of configuration settings, but this will be expanded upon in future releases.​
  • [general] These are general settings for mission control features.
    • enable_rumble Enables/disables rumble support for unofficial controllers.
    • enable_motion Enables/disables motion controls support. Not currently used
  • [bluetooth] These settings can be used to spoof your switch bluetooth to appear as another device. This may be useful (in conjunction with a link key) if you want to use your controller across multiple devices without having to re-pair every time you switch. Note that changing these settings will invalidate your console information stored in any previously paired controllers and will require re-pairing.
    • host_name Override the bluetooth host adapter name
    • host_address Override the bluetooth host adapter address
To functionally uninstall Mission Control and its components, all that needs to be done is to delete the following directories from your SD card and reboot your console.​
  • /atmosphere/contents/010000000000bd00
  • /atmosphere/exefs_patches/bluetooth_patches
If you wish to completely remove all traces of the software ever having been installed (telemetry excepted), you may also want to follow these additional steps​
  • Remove the following directory from your SD card
    • /config/MissionControl
  • Wipe the Bluetooth pairing database via System Settings->Controllers and Sensors->Disconnect Controllers
Planned/In-progress Features

Below is a list of features I am currently working on or would like to look into in the future, roughly in descending order of priority. Requests are welcome if you have an idea you think would make a useful feature.​
  • Rumble support
  • Motion controls support
  • Bluetooth LE support
  • Per-controller configurations
    • Rumble on/off
    • Motion controls on/off
    • Identify as Pro Controller or Joycon
    • Set controller body/button colours
    • Invert analog stick axes
    • Analog stick deadzones
  • Companion application
    • Pairing database management
      • View paired controller information
      • Clear database
      • Export database to file
      • Import existing database from file
    • Controller management/diagnostics
      • Manage controller configurations
      • View raw HID report data
      • Test buttons/analog sticks
      • Dump SPI flash (official controllers only)
    • Controller discovery/pairing reimplementation
  • Tesla overlay
  • Keyboard and mouse support
  • Gamecube mode (analog trigger support)
  • USB wired controllers
Known Issues and limitations
  • Motion controls currently unsupported.
  • Non-Switch controllers cannot be used to wake the system from sleep.
  • Controllers using the Bluetooth LE (BLE) standard are currently not supported and will not connect to the system.
  • Xbox One, Wii/WiiU and (especially) some Dualshock v1 controllers can take some time to be detected and subsequently pair with the Console. Be patient and re-enter the sync mode of the controller several times if neccessary. Once synced, controllers should work as usual.
  • Reported controller battery levels may not be correct. I'm relying entirely on reverse engineering notes found on the internet for these. In many cases I don't own the controller and there is simply no information available, so these controllers will always show full battery. Any help in improving this is most welcome.
  • Several users have reported knockoff WiiU and Dualshock4 controllers that cannot be detected by the console during Bluetooth discovery. Unfortunately I think they're using an incompatible Bluetooth chipset.
Frequently Asked Questions

Does this run on <insert CFW here>?
No. MissionControl will only run under Atmosphère. This is not an attempt to lock users of other cfw out, Atmosphere is simply the only one (currently) providing the extensions neccessary to MITM Bluetooth communications that make this sysmodule possible.​
Will using this get me banned from online?
Currently there haven't been any confirmed cases of bans as a result of running MissionControl. That said, running any unofficial software under CFW will always carry a non-zero risk of ban, and Nintendo could change their ban criteria at any point. While this should be relatively safe, it would certainly be possible to detect that you had connected foreign controllers to the console if they were interested in doing do. Use at your own discretion.​
Does this support USB controllers?
No. MissionControl is Bluetooth-only for now.​
Does this work with sys-con installed?
Yes, the two can be run simultaneously without stepping on each others toes.​
My console is crashing on boot because of this sysmodule. What can I do?
If you're seeing crashes on boot with title ID 010000000000bd00, it is likely either you have updated recently to a new Atmosphere release and an update to MissionControl is required, or you are running an old version of Atmosphere which is not compatible with the latest version of MissionControl.​
How can I use this with multiple sysNAND/emuMMC launch configs?
Pairing controllers across multiple unique HOS installations requires multiple pairing databases and is essentially the same as pairing with two different consoles. The only exception being the case where you paired the controller(s) prior to making sysNAND copies. For now you will have to re-pair your controllers when switching back and forth. In the future I hope to include an option to load/store the database on the SD card to avoid this issue.​
My Xbox One Controller buttons are mapped incorrectly. Can you fix it?
You didn't read the Known Issues and Limitations section, did you? You need to update your controller firmware to the latest version. This can be done on Windows using the Xbox Accessories app. You can also do this on the Xbox itself.​
Can you add support for PS3 controllers?
Having looked into this a bit, it appears it's going to be a lot of work given the constraints of HOS (if it can even be done without breaking support for other Bluetooth controllers). I won't rule out a solution in the future, but this is not high priority for me right now. Sorry DS3 owners.​
Can you add support for Xbox 360 controllers?
No. These don't use Bluetooth. Try sys-con with a wireless USB adapter.​
Can you add support for wake from sleep?
Probably not. As far as I know, wake from sleep involves a controller sending a special control command to the Switch Bluetooth hardware. There is no way to make a non-switch controller send the command recognised by the Switch without modifying its hardware/firmware.​
Can you add bluetooth audio support?
No. The bluetooth module on the switch only implements a small set of services required to make hid controllers work. Of this small set of services, only a handful of high-level functions are exposed to the rest of the system. Adding audio support would require implementing the services necessary for audio transport, for which any sane person would require an open-source re-implementation of the bluetooth module in order to have access the low-level functions required to pull it off.​

Latest release:

btc: bc1q4rh4vmqaujmewrswes303nms5mj3p80j7lqat0
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Nov 5, 2018
Does it support controllers via USB? If not can this sysmod be used along with sys-con?
No, this is Bluetooth only for now. I've never used sys-con but I emulate a switch pro controller at a lower level and only really interact with the bluetooth module so it's probably fine.


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Nov 5, 2018
It’s really great, could be possible map the screenshot button to (+) + (-) combo? Would be ideal for Wiimote + extensions and WiiU Pro Controller :)
Someone else has raised the idea of button combos too. It's something I'll add in a future release once I've got a proper companion application running to manage the configuration.

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Great timing considering my switch pro controller literally just stopped charging(think the port broke)

I’ll have to try this tonight with my Xbox one controller , great work!


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Oct 20, 2016
Great, thank you and I will test it when I get home!! Looking forward to more updates and compatibility in the future. Thank you, this is a great, great advantage.


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Sep 18, 2016
United States
Just tried this out on my xbox controller works great! Now I dont have to hear my friend whine about having to play smash with a single joycon. Thanks a ton!


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Jul 19, 2015
United States
panic occurred while running atmosphere title id 01000000000000000006
error std::abort (0xFFE)
all i did was copy zip and try to boot atmos via hekate with fusee primary

EDIT: updated atmosphere to the latest and it works! my wii u pro controllers (all four of them) connected and work! this is my favorite homebrew rn!
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