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    Almost didn´t recognize you! No more Castlevania.
    You look like a million bucks
    EDIT; Wow when'd I say this? lol. I'm guessing you had a money related avy then
    EDIT2; Probably a Trump avy now that I think about it
    Seeing as you like Mirai Nikki, are you watching Big Order? It's a new anime that started airing this season, and is being made by the creators of Mirai Nikki :D
    Men porque dejas qué gente tan mierda este en tu página de Facebook? Noobs pro todos lados qué lo tachan a uno de hablador por solo querer ayudar. Al menos aquí mi reputación es conocida, pero apenas me uní a la de Fb... Dios, cuanto noob molesto. Saludos :)
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Billy Acuña

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