Mission Mode gets added to CTGP-7 on Mario Kart 7's 10th anniversary


It was December 1st 2011 when Mario Kart 7, a racing game from the very well known Mario Kart franchise, was released for the Nintendo 3DS. Since then, many modding projects were made to improve the replayability of the game, such as being able to play custom tracks worldwide with other users or adding back the so important single player VS Mode this game lacked. Today, 10 years after the game's initial release, the CTGP-7 Team is proud to present you the inclusion of a new game mode that will hopefully bring some more life to the game: Mission Mode!

Mission Mode first appeared in Mario Kart DS. In this game mode you had to complete a variety of challenges, from collecting a certain amount of coins, to defeating all the enemies in a course. After the mission was completed, you were given a grade depending on how well you performed. The same principle applies to the CTGP-7 iteration of the game mode, you will get a grade from 0 to 10 depending on the amount of time you took to complete the mission objective or the amount of points you got.

You can see more details of how Mission Mode looks like in Mario Kart 7 in the CTGP-7 v1.2 trailer below.

As stated in the video, CTGP-7 v1.2 will release on December 4th, 2021, and will come with 16 missions pre-installed. While more missions will be added progressively in the future, you will be able to use special tools in to create your own missions! Other mission related features are planned to come in future updates, such as online leaderboards or Mario Kart Wii-like tournaments.

Moreover, this CTGP-7 update will include 4 new cups, which will add 16 new custom tracks to the already existing 50+ custom tracks this mod offers, as well as a way to configure your own cups with custom tracks you can find on the internet and aren't part of the mod by default.

From the CTGP-7 Team, we really hope this update will be fun to play for everyone, as this project has taken multiple years to complete.


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