Metroid: Other M - fix for freezing after the tutorial

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by rpotjtor, Sep 5, 2010.

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    I finally figured out the problem that so many people are experiencing in Metroid: Other M. After the tutorial, the game freezes right when Samus says "plan." It's not a problem with cIOS or anything. It's a problem with the ISO (Wiitard Proper). The movie file is corrupt.

    The file is called dm03to04.sfd. In WiiScrubber, it can be found in the DATA partition. DATA/movie/dm03to04.sfd

    If anyone who has a working version can please extract this file from their ISO (in Wii Scrubber, right-click, "Extract") and upload it for those of us without a working version, it would be highly appreciated.

    Those of us without a working version, when and if someone provides the extracted working file, in WiiScrubber, just right-click and select "Replace." Choose the working dm03to04.sfd, and play the new game.

    Hope this helps, as I noticed a lot of people are screwing with cIOS and different loaders and what-not with no luck, because that's not where the problem lies. And I hope someone can come to our aid with a working version of dm03to04.sfd.
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