Medal of Honor XBOX 360 NTSC US and PAL releases

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    Region locked US only apparently.
    JTAG users do note there was a new region protection a few releases back that appeared so be aware you might have to add it to your dashlaunch patches (or update your dashlaunch version) or do a GOD install.

    *Update* Medal_of_Honor_PAL_XBOX360-RRoD *Update* , see post #7 for NFO.

    The game is a modern day reboot of a fairly long running franchise (the first appeared on the PS1), it has had moments over the years but the general consensus will probably be towards it tailing off in quality.
    Set in modern day Afghanistan you get to play as a frontline special forces and other infantry type, billed as one of the big FPS games of the year that is still to be decided but it will almost certainly be a well executed first person shooter of which there will probably be a few before the year is out (and already has been).
    Limited edition assuming the NFO writers have not got it wrong appears to mean some form of on disc extras (most have them as some form of DLC) in the form of various unlocks and extra weapons.

    Post 5 has my opinions on the single player.


    Gameplay video (from August)

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    once again Leak for the XBOX users lucky :/
    i will wait for the PS3 version though
    it looks very cool lol
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    The United States of retard
    Who's leaking that shit? And how?
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    This any good? I got 3 discs left and one is reserved for Reach.
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    OK so I there was there when it was finished.

    Quite short campaign (normal difficulty)- it is 5:30pm as I write this and I did not power my PC until about 11am this morning (so that includes setup time and time for me to play some sonic 4 as well). I was using a GOD install so no real comment on load times- I did have to wait for textures once or twice.
    No splitscreen or system link that I saw. No extras without live (although they look to have a few timed missions or something with it).

    Gameplay- cover based health recharge type game. As per usual I wanted a scope and I was for the most part afforded one. You get two weapons (you can have two of the same if you so desire) and a pistol with infinite ammo. Ammo in general was available but become trigger happy on three round burst and you would soon be trying to get some from team members or swapping out for weapons from the ground. Controls were good for a console FPS.
    AI was decent- takes cover, covers others, flanks people, throws grenades. runs from grenades, jumps onto machine guns if you are able to drop the previous gunner.
    I saw a few spawn points and floating weapons but nothing major.

    Weapons selection- not as great as modern warfare but solid aside from the AK47 being almost a sniper rifle without a scope and it often taking several rounds (or a headshot) to drop people using standard weapons (be they suppressed or otherwise).

    Missions were varied- you had some fairly good stealth missions, some good assault villages, caves, compounds, camps and other such missions, some sniper missions (which were quite demanding), some helicopter shooting missions (you do not control the helicopter though), turret sections. No quick time events, decent fallback if you messed up an objective (if you blew a stealth objective you had a chance at a shootout rather than having to revert to a checkpoint) and not so many scripted events are a welcome change. While you occasionally led a section you were mainly a follower- this may be me being spoiled by Rainbow 6 vegas and operation flashpoint though.
    Level design was so many corridors and coming from the likes of Operation Flashpoint or indeed the recent halo it was fairly noticeable.
    Story as far as this sort of game goes was OK but nothing brilliant. You jumping between characters and it being short did not help things much though.

    Graphics- good but the PC will far outdo it, good draw distance, good visual effects (sand blocking view, explosions blocking view, scope effects.
    I saw a few spawn points and the odd floating body/weapon but nothing major.

    In conclusion a step in the right direction- if they had say the gameplay of this with the level design of last years operation flashpoint I would have been very happy.
    EA have done themselves proud (certainly a far better game than some of the other offerings in the series) although I doubt anybody will have the single player on their mind this time next year. In many ways a highly polished version of Battlefield Bad Company. I will not be shocked if this game gets accused of taking all the best bits from other recent FPS games and trying to merge them into this one, I would not go so far as to call it an outright clone of any one game though.

    Tough call on the matter of a disc but I do not really care for most FPS games. If multiplayer is not your thing then it is absolutely a rental type affair.
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    Thanks Thug4L1f3

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    any way to play as the talibans.........?
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    same question here