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    So today I got near the end of Mass Effect 3 and was wondering why my readiness rating was stuck at 50% all the time.

    The readiness rating modifies your effective military strength in the final battle.

    I got around 6300 units with a pretty decent ME1&ME2 savefile and due the readiness rating of 50% only 3150 of those will be used for the final battle.

    5000-6000 units are needed for a "good" ending.

    So how do you increase this rating?
    By playing multiplayer and that's what it is all about.

    Pirates won't be able to play online at all or at least have to buy the online pass and people who bought it used also have to buy the online pass.
    And on xbox 360 you also have to get Gold.

    I read with a 100% perfect ME1/ME2/ME3 savefile you can get to a strength of 10000 which so far only seems possible on a PC by editing the savefile directly.

    So I'm wondering will future games do the same, require that you play multiplayer to get the best ending or worse even prevent you from advancing?
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    What do you mean with 100% perfect save file? =S
    My copy is genuine tho and I still haven't had time to advance that much in-game.
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    With all the DLC and a perfect save import you can actually only get around 7800 points or so. A net result of 3900 with the 50% multiplier.
    I think you only need about 3000 to unlock the Synthesis ending and get the "good" variations of the endings.
    You need 4000~5000 to see the bonus scene after the Destroy ending which is nigh impossible without Multiplayer or outside things like the iPhone game.
    The bonus scene isn't worth the extra effort.
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    Form what I have read you just have to go NG+ and you can get enough points for the good ending despite the 50% weighting.
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    It's worth noting that this only happens if you go with the "Destroy" ending; for the others, there isn't much of a Shepard left for a final cough. So, really, this doesn't matter all that much for a good percent of players.