Hacking Mario Kart, Acekart 2i and DSI XL.


Oct 29, 2007
United States
Hi there,

I am a little confused here. I set up the DSI XL to access the internet due
to the security on the router I had to use the advance options and it set up
the connection as connection 4.

When I try to play Mario Kart, it wants me to set up my connection however
it tells me that its not compatible. Is the only way to get the game to work is
to change the security on my router? or am I missing something quiet easy here?

Oh one last OT question... the DSI XL is new as my old DS Lite the top screen started
to shake, is that an easy fix?



Oct 26, 2010
Hi Mate,

I'm guessing you are trying to use your OLD savegames on the new DSiXL? I went from a DSL with an AceKard2, and migrated to a DSiXL with an AceKard 2.1i. All my savegames work fine, and can access all my friend codes as previous.

Have you transerred your WFC settings from the old one to the new console? I did this on mine as soon as I received my new kit and works fine. My old DSLite worked ONLY on WEP, whereas the DSiXL will work with WPA, but as you have mentioned will connect via the Advanced options. You could try going back to WEP, incase of incompatabilities between your router and console.

[From nintendo site]

First Nintendo DS system (the one you are transferring the ID from)
1. Turn on any Nintendo WFC-compatible game and access the WFC Setup Utility. (Consult the game manual for the game you are playing for specific information.)
2. Tap "Options."
3. Tap "Transfer Nintendo WFC Configuration."
4. Tap "Ok", then tap "Ok" again.

Second Nintendo DS system (the one you are transferring the ID to)
5. Remove all games from the DS you wish to transfer the settings to, then turn the system on.
6. On the DS's main menu, select "DS Download Play."
7. Select "Nintendo WFC Configuration Transfer."
8. Tap "Yes" when asked if you want to download the software. The word "Downloading..." will appear.

First Nintendo DS system
9. On the DS with Nintendo WFC configuration, tap "Ok" to confirm that you wish to transfer the configuration.

Second Nintendo DS system (the one you are transferring the ID to)
* If there is an existing configuration on the new DS, tap "Ok" to confirm that you wish to overwrite the existing configuration.
* Once the transfer begins, it will take about half a minute.

Both Nintendo DS systems
10. Once the configuration has been transferred, tap "Ok" to save the changes and shut each system off.

All of the Friend Codes you had given or received on the previous Nintendo DS system will now work in the Nintendo DS system you transferred the ID to.
[/from nintendo site]

Good Luck,

-> Edit. Added link.

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