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Nov 1, 2007
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I'm a bit busy just now but I had an idea, thought I'd post it and if anyone thinks the idea is good they can of course play about with it themselves.


Custom emanuals, I've edited a few and had a few ideas.

1 - Actual game manuals from replacment manual sites for EG: GC, Wii games etc
2 - PDF walkthrough guides, maps etc.
3 - Apps with them included

1 - You can get game manuals as pdf online for games and convert them to HTML, this is handy if you don't have them anymore. I was doing this with GC manuals and had 1 channel to view mine from, however I ran into PC problems and my HDD died, so I gave up. I also had size issues, as trying to fit in soooo many manuals in 1 channel caused problems. However I like the idea, so might go back to it one day when I get time. This is handy for older games, but not that useful for most games.

2 - Guides (PDF usually, but convert to HTML), these can have maps and all sorts of things. It's an OK idea for Wii games but a pain in the ass if you have to quit the game to read the next bit etc. For VC and Wiiware games it's kinda cool. Hit the home button and bring up a guide, handy for Majoras Mask type games.

3 - Entirely knew channels, I haven't played about with this idea at all yet, but maybe a channel that has the dol replaced with an app and also an HTML readme included. I like this idea so it will probably be the only one I experiment with soon. But imagine you have a channel to launch an app from and by pressing HOME you can read the readme as a full colur HTML document, then return to the app again.

I was actually going to mod some of my apps to use the "boot opera" app to have better readmes, but the emanual idea is better, as the bootopera method means leaving the app etc so not handy at all for this, emanual would be a better way to go.

What does anyone think ?

btw if you're interested in what you can do with boot opera, or have an idea of what to do with it, post here : http://gbatemp.net/index.php?showtopic=189804
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