make your own 3D images for N3DS (ENG & ESP)

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    i am the creator to these guide, i am spanish for these reason i had translator my guide using google, sorry for my errors.

    Hi, I open this thread to make a guide on how to create and display 3D images with the Nintendo 3DS

    how the 3d n3ds:

    [​IMG] the screen sends different images to each eye, similar to how we see reality, an eye go with a different angle to another that causes the brain to interpret a sense of depth
    the screen works similarly to the next image, projecting each image with a different angle to each eye


    like taking pictures stereoscopes

    if we get better quality 3D images to the camera would need 3DS or a camera
    or does not want to spend much money, make them with a camera you already have, or even mobile

    how to take it them is:
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    choose one or the other way to get the images depends on the distance, the number of objects that are intermediate and other parameters, it is best to move them both ways and see which do better, in my practice the first option is best provided that we approach a pivotal point in terms of depth.
    do not forget that if you only have a camera, you can only take pictures of objects that do not move, otherwise the image will look bad or not well appreciated.
    pictures will be as follows (two files each with one of these images and perspectives) [​IMG]

    to get the images from left to right


    There are several programs to join and create images. mpo or view it from your computer as anaglyph and so on, I use StereoPhoto maker

    to create the image are loaded two pictures (file-> open left / right images ...) and creating burdens on the screen a couple of pictures one winged another. In the top menu you will see, before creating the. Mpo, as would, for this I usually see them in anaglipho and with red cyan 3D glasses. for that you give the icon that has many blue and red squares [​IMG]
    if the image is not focused (the two images are too far apart) you click on the icon that says "auto" and you the self-aligning, if the menus frets notice that you can align them manually.

    then you can change the resolution of the images to fit the screen size than the 3ds, using the "resize" whose icon is a square with arrows pointing inside to the outside (I choose 680 x 400)

    keep playing. mpo, giving FILE-> save. mpo ... DSCF0410 name and place (changing the last numbers you have on your last card into the 3ds)


    as a curiosity, if you download a movie 3d (in my case IMAX documentaries) and view them you will see two moving images while recording with a different angle, because if you put a full screen, do a screen capture (key impr pa) open the same paint, paste the screenshot, save the image, and drag the icon to the program, you separate the two images and you can save. mpo and watch it on 3DS

    images typical of a reef documentary

    screenshot of the documentary

    in anaglyph
    [​IMG] file. Mpo

    is my first guide, if not well or have any doubts nothing more comment, constructive criticism welcome


    Warning: Spoilers inside!
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    alanjohn check ur pm
    p1ngpong already said that here but apparently he deleted his reply and re-opened the thread.

    this user made the Spanish tutorial
    this user posted it on "elotrolado"
    this user ran it trough google translator (which he states in the first post)
    this user posted it here

    cheap. just cheap. making something in spanish and running it through a translator, just to enter the competition.
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    3DS is not a valid competition category.
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    well...i am ebsigma, the original post creator on an i post it in here only for do a present to english comunyty and becouse i am spanish i use the google translato to post it

    sorry for the inconvenience
    this is only a little guide to enjoy us [​IMG]
    if not right outside the rules or you only have to delete it, I repeat that I have done with the intention of sharing with the community and not to win any contest. if you do not like to delete and issue resolved

    pdt-i dont know any for any contest because i put the topic using direct accest to the forum
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    hmmm ... sorry I do not know your guide, I put in the "faqs"because I thought that there was no similar (many songs in English to my understanding)

    good because there are two similar themes

    was not my intention to competition or anything like that
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    Wow you guys are a bunch of dicks. You must be American and probably extremely mentally immature if you're making fun of someone for not being fluent in YOUR native language.

    Who cares of this guy ran a guide that HE WROTE (as far as I can tell) through a translator and posted it here? He is providing valuable information and might not have been born with God's Gift of the English Language Â.

    Man, you are stupid, Sausage Head...

    If this guy violated some competition (I didn't understand that part) and that's what everyone is getting at, I apologize for my mistake. But Sausage Head's ignorance needs to be pointed at no matter what. Just. so. stupid.
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    >Sausage Head is banned.
    >This was part of the Homebrew Bounty, which did NOT include 3DS.
    >This is rather old, and should not be bumped.
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    yep, im spanish, and I'm not very good at languages​​, I can not do well ...

    I did the tutorial in Spanish and translated badly into English only that, it is not understandable I'm sorry, who criticizes me for not knowing English, read the tutorial in Spanish.
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    wooow ,cool :blink:
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    United States
    you are gonna have to re-upload the file it was on MegaUpload.
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