Make a 3D art and put it on 3DS

In this guide we will explore how we can create a digital art in 3D and put it in the 3DS Camera app.

  • A 3DS/2DS (duh)
  • An SD Card
  • A computer
  • Layer painting programs or whatever (Mine being Photoshop)
  • MPO 3D Creator
Part 1 - Preparing your photo slot
You can't just "add" a picture to your 3DS gallery, we have to create a slot for it THEN replace it.
  1. Launch your 3DS Camera app.
  2. Take a picture, anything really.
  3. Put the SD Card in your computer
  4. Under your SD:/DCIM/xxxNINxx/ you should see 2 files:
    • HNI_xxxx.JPG
    • HNI_xxxx.MPO
    This is the very photo you took, JPG file being the 2D and MPO file being 3D.
Part 2 - Preparing your images
Here we don't only make a 2D image but we have to create a 3D one as well, I'll use my recent art as an example.

This is the image I will be using (just recently made it):

While you are painting or drawing, make sure you split your image into different layers, I have the total of 3.

First being the background layer.

Second being the body.

Third and top being the arm-hand and the axe.

Save your creation like you normally would and you have your 2D image, rename it to HNI_xxxx.JPG and replace the photo in your SD Card.

Preparing for 3D:
We will need 2 pictures, the left perspective and the right perspective, these 2 will overlap and create an illusion of 3D.

There is a rule we have to follow in creating a 3D image, the layer that moves the least is closest to the viewer, so therefore, the distance of a layer between left and right can be ordered as followed from smallest to largest distance:
Hand/Axe < Body < Background

Here I have created 2 images, one left, and one right.
I moved the background 20px left, the body 10px left, and the hand/axe 3px left.
I moved the background 20px right, the body 10px right, and the hand/axe 3px right.

Part 3 - Creating a 3D MPO file
Open your downloaded MPO 3D Creator. Go to File>Open Left/Right Images...
Select the 2 files you have recently prepared and you should get the following:

Press File>Save MPO File | Check the radio button at the bottom "For Nintendo 3DS"
Replace your HNI_xxxx.MPO and you are done. Go view your work in 3DS Camera app.

Sample Files
Here's the sample files I prepared before hand, the finished product:



Dec 12, 2023
United States
This guide offers a detailed walkthrough on creating and integrating 3D digital art into

the 3DS Camera app. From preparing the photo slot on the 3DS to layering

images using software like Photoshop and MPO 3D Creator, the guide provides clear steps and

visual aids. Notably, it emphasizes strategically placing layers based on perceived

distance for a convincing 3D effect. The inclusion of specific software recommendations and

the "For Nintendo 3DS" option adds practical insights, while providing sample files allows

readers to explore the final product. Overall, the guide effectively combines technical

instructions with creative considerations, making it accessible for those interested in

exploring 3D digital and commercial art on their 3DS devices.
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