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Jan 29, 2016
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Hey all, we're a small Discord of 35+ members, come join if you want :P
This server is over one year old now!
Join using this invite:
#rules - To let you know information about the server and how to not get banned.
#welcome - This chat is where unverified users talk until they wait to get verified.
#3dshacks - A Reddit feed of the r/3dshacks subreddit.
#news - Recent news about hacking, consoles and the server
#talk - Talk about whatever you want here.
#voice - A text channel for quiet people in the voice chat*.
#music - Queue music on the music bot here, and talk about what music you like.
#musicbot - A text channel to use the music bot in*.
#bot - Use and test bots here.
#friendcodes - Share your friend codes
#spam - Spam all you like here! Remember that all rules still apply. Removed
These chats are for members with a specific role.
#anime - Anime or "weeb" related discussions
#furry - Furry related channel
#dreams - Talk about your dreams
Ask any of the staff for the role to get into these chats.
It is fun privately without spam and stuff lmao
Defo better than all the other little discord groups, still not my main group but secondary :P
only reason i use discord :P
I went there and this is so much less cancerous compared to the one made by Guy5035. I left the other one simply because I couldn't smell the people in it, lol.
Good server, I just like being the guy you randomly bump into here and there. Also, people there smell nice.
A cool Server when you can talk of meme games or ask help
10/10 IGN
Good chat that isn't cancer.
How does joining the server work?

Due to past spam attacks, we have included a verification process to make sure you are who you say you are.
This is how you can join:
  1. Click this Discord Invite Link:
  2. When you join, you will be put into the #welcome chat. You will have to read #rules-and-info before you get verified.
  3. PM @Lia , @luigoalma or @Supster131 on GBAtemp to be verified.
Server Rules

1) Posting NSFW content of any kind will result in a ban. This includes porn, hentai, gore, etc. Suggestive images will be up to staff discretion.
2) Do not spam or have heated discussions in this chat. Keep that to PMs.. This includes repetitive messages, OS flamewars, etc.
3) Do not spam bot commands.
4) Stay on the topic of the current channel. If you deviate onto other topics, move to the appropriate channel.
5) Do not share this server with others without first asking staff for permission.
6) Links to other servers and/or your external content(website/youtube channel/etc) may be shared only after they have been approved by staff for submission.
7) Remember behind every username is another person, and think about how they might feel before you post something that might be seen as offensive.
8) Spamming or otherwise unnecessarily harassing/targeting individuals is not permitted.
9) Disregarding the rules will result in an acceptable punishment. Not reading the rules is not an excuse for not following them.
10) Staff understand the intended meaning of the rules and will enforce them accordingly. Staff decisions are not up for discussion.

Server Staff

@Lia | Owner
@luigoalma | Co-Owner
@Supster131 | Verifier

Opt-in channels

There are several channels that users are not given access to by default, however, you may request to be added to one or any of these channels:
#anime - Anime or "weeb" related discussions
#furry - Furry related channel
#dreams - Talk about your dreams
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Ayyy a post like I recommended *reads that you couldn't of received any warnings in the past and feels like making a new account or riot about that rule* and it is fun privately without spam and stuff lmao

And imo change the rule where you can't argue with stuff because since its private it can be for the better :P
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When I'm back on my PC, I'll probably join this.
Is there, like, any theme to the chat? Or is it just full of offtopicness and "fun"? :lol:

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