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Okay, so i've got a list of emulators that i have, and most likely need to update. also, i need recommendations for certain ones.

My current list of installed emulators is
Unofficial GpSP Kai 3.4 test 4 build 225, I think this is the latest one, since a moderate google search led me to this.. i was slightly outdated with 3.4 beta 3, build 96

Snes9X Euphoria R5, no idea if that's a custom version or something. but if anything i could use a better SNES emulator.. give suggestions. the only games i'll really play is LOZ lttp, Super Mario world, Bomber man and probably a few others.

Looking for an NES emulator, i got an unofficial NesterJ ver 1.07, this the best there is?

MasterBoy 2.02 Might be latest too, not sure though.
PicoDrive 1.35b

Also, what's the bet DOOM engine for PSP, right now i got DOOM legacy.

If you can, provide a download link to the latest versions, or PM me reuploads if they have been taken down

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