Just realized you could hack the Vita. I'm at 3.50. What's the status on that?

Discussion in 'PS Vita - Hacking & Homebrew' started by Dacvak, Apr 3, 2015.

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    I never knew you could hack the Vita. I've really been wanting to play Gitaroo-Man (a PSP game) recently, but I don't feel like getting my actual PSP out. It'd be nice to play on Vita, but I just recently updated to 3.50. Is there any hope for 3.50 getting hacked any time soon? Sorry, I'm new to this.

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    I forgot
    There's an upcoming exploit for 3.50 coming at some point in time.

    According to this Wololo post, you'll need to have another hacked system in order to use the new exploit, so you'll need to actually pull your PSP out anyways to do so


    If you follow Wololo you'll know when the exploit releases. Do be aware that you'll need to actually buy the exploit game as well in order to use it.
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    People are being pacified with all this ePSP stuff. Nothing you can't do with a good ol' PSP 3000 'lite & brite' on CFW. Having an 'icon on your desktop' is just a gimmick. (Edit: OK my mistake, for 3.36 it's like "mset" on the 3DS, you don't have to re-run the exploit to start your CFW).

    For now Sony loves it as all these peeps keep throwing good 2015 dollars at old 2006-2010 PSP games from the PSN store.