Hacking Issue with the Sky3DS+ Red


Aug 3, 2011
United States
Hello All,

I have been using my SKy3DS+(orange) for a couple a month. Suddenly, the card doesn't get detected by the New Nintendo 3DS.

It has a Nintendo Micro SDhC 16GB inserted in and it used to work like a charm. Now, when i insert the card, it just briefly flashes in green and then nothing.

Has anyone had this problem before? Is there anyway to fix it?

Please tell me card didn't break....
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Bumping should be avoided, as said in the rules, especially more than once a day, including the creation of the initial thread. But, pah, I'm not a moderator, so who cares!!

To fix your Sky3DS, you could look here, or maybe here.

Anyway. As soon as you get your Sky3DS working, you should probably backup all your saves using one homebrew method or another, install A9LH, reinstall your games as CIA form from that ISO site (or freeShop, for simplicity), and restore the saves using JKSM or something else. Of course, this all depends on your 3DS firmware version, as 11.0.0 can not be downgraded without a hardmod or another 3DS with A9LH or 9.2.0 and Fieldrunners (a game on the eShop). All other versions work fine with your Sky3DS.

If you already have A9LH, well, better late than never.

Sorry if I didn't solve your problem.
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