Issue after using GW fast manual boot

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    Please help me, I am a noob :(
    I had an Old 3DS with SysNAND 4.4.0 and last EmuNAND 11.0. I was launching gateway mode using Profile.

    I followed the new "Gateway fast-Boot manual" from Gateway team, from steps 1 to 4. As they were asking to upgrade to 10.3.0-28 before downgrading to 2.0, I upgraded my 3ds and now sysnand is 10.3.0-28.
    As I can't launch anymore the Gateway mode through Profile, I am trying to get it with menuhax+homebrew launcher. Going into manual of 3.7.1, they are saying we need to use following address through web brower
    But each time I am trying to access it, I have a message asking me to upgrade my 3DS to last firmware !
    Please how can I launch gateway mode again in order to downgrade to 2.0 ? I don't understand what needs to be done now.
    Else I have a backup of my sysNAND, so if there is a simple way to downgrade to previous FW, please let know also.
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    Follow the community guide here:
    Start from Part 1 and continue from there.
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