Is there anyway to send items to the U.S.A from a UK site?

Discussion in 'General Off-Topic Chat' started by Wii dUde, Mar 30, 2015.

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    Hello people of all ages.

    I will make this message Into snip bits so you won't have to read a impenetrable wall of text.

    -Found Item I liked on UK site.:lol:

    -Entered info to buy.:lol:

    -Error came up.:wtf:

    -Found out It only shipped to UK and not to USA(Where I currently am.) :ohnoes:

    -Need way for it to ship to USA

    -I have a cookie-
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    I forgot
    There are various mail/package forwarding systems around on the internet you could use, but AFAIK most of them are either cheap and garbage or expensive and kinda nice.

    You could always just google the item name and look for any US store that sells it, or scour eBay and see if someone has imported one.

    There are a good amount of Tempers from the UK here, you could always ask them to ship it to you, but of course you'd have to pay for shipping again.
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    I tried Borderlinx once and it was a little over 20$ to ship something but the shipping was fast. It worked as expected but as with all forwarders, it can be a hit or miss kind of deal as others have had trouble with them.