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  • Rebuilt the CIAs for the Pokemon games to include custom frames and full color patrches if needed.
    Rebuilt the CIA for PKSM to have valid Icon info and version so it shows up in FBI.I set the version to 3090 (3.1.2) instead of 2048 (2.0.0)
    Had fun rebuilding the CIAs for Red and Blue with GBC VC banners and color Home Menu Icons. I have the full color gen2 mod with palette fix.
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    Catching up on Detective Conan. it is nice that Crunchyroll has it now, although I wish they would subtitle the OP and ED and some signs.
    Going to see the new Star Trek movie today, it will be a nice break from upgrading all my computers (and spare MBs) to Windows 10 Pro)
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    Obviously, the motherboards themselves can't run Windows 10, it has the license tied to it to use for later Windows 10 builds
    Finished Dragonar Academy, now watching Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki on FUNimation streaming service
    I am watching the The Irresponsible Captain Tylor OVA discs right now. I also just started watching Stargate Atlantis.
    Finished Speed Grapher, Panty & Stocking and Ghost Stories. In the middle of Magic Kaito 1412.
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