Is Love Plus + & Inasuma3 brick only DSi?

Discussion in 'Acekard' started by tomrev, Oct 17, 2010.

  1. tomrev

    tomrev GBAtemp Fan

    Oct 19, 2009
    United States
    Sorry for bring back this question again. I couldn't brick my DS lite and Acekard2i with Love plus + or Inasuma3 but my friend told me that AK2i is bricked on DSi system only. Did my friend told me correct?
  2. twiztidsinz

    twiztidsinz Taiju Yamada Fan

    Dec 23, 2008
    United States
    From what I'm to understand, it only 'bricks' the AK2i (and/or 2.1?) when used with certain MicroSDHCs.
    MicroSDs should be fine and supposedly so are MicroSDHCs formatted to FAT16 (Normally FAT32 is used).
    The Acekard can be fixed by re-flashing it with the 1.4 or 1.4.1 update (DSlite version), but you must have another Flashcart (any type).
  3. coolness

    coolness PSN: Dutch_DarkLord

    Jun 14, 2009
    Rotterdam Bitches!!
    everything can brick an flashcard
    also akaio can brick it or the official acekard firmware can birck an acekard 2i
    but happenly acekard 2i is easy to unbrick [​IMG]
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