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I found out that a company named iQue is a Nintendo subsidiary that has made their own versions of DSes, (such as the original and 3DS) but they are only available in China. I've heard that the iQue 3DS comes with no eShop, and thus, it's supposed to have games preloaded. There are only two, SM3DL and Mario Kart 7. The iQue DS is pretty lame. Pretty sure we could spice it up with hacks. I'd also like to see some screenshots of an iQue DS (any version/type will do fine) to see other differences. I want to see it's capabilities and want to help make it a better DS! Also, Merry Christmas, everyone!!
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Feb 13, 2015
It's a regular DS with twice the eeprom (512 KB), containing the Chinese firmware (which replaces Japanese with Chinese, has simplified hanzi in the firmware's font, has some data moved around, has a different software-readable model number, and has some more space for the system configuration)

Chinese games have a simple region lock, also simple to patch out, that artificially requires a Chinese DS - the console itself is region free as ever

Very few games were ever made for Chinese DS and 3DS, probably less than 20 each generation - it has to do with game consoles having formally been illegal for most of this millennium outside of "educational products" (think of all the keyboard famiclones - but what did they pass most of those DS games as?) and probably to competing in the country that invented flashcards :D

And yes, Chinese 3DS is the least featured region with basically no online services, the system apps version (the part after the "-" in the version number) lagged behind until the security theater of 9.x and newer
Korea - no theme shop
Taiwan - no themes, no miiverse, commercial disaster (was invented later to replace official imports of Japanese models, incompatible of course with those, lack of releases, Japanese models remained market leaders - if you search "taiwan 3ds" on google images and look at boxes, you can see "Ct version" and "Jp version") -- coolest home menu
China - all of the above except no official imports, no eshop, no amiibos
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