Hacking [Interesting]Question/Discovery about Gamecube ISO Compression


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Nov 28, 2008
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Hey guys. I've stumbled upon something that I think is interesting. Earlier today, I found an ISO in a rar file. It had Animal Crossing for Gamecube. Nothing too out of the ordinary right? Well, this rar file was only 15.60 MB. I doubted the validity of the file, but downloaded it anyway, just to be sure. I extracted it, and there it was on my desktop, the full size ISO!
Now I thought, "Okay, this thing was just highly compressed, because Nintendo fills the game with garbage, (blankness) as they do with their Wii games. So, I'm using the MultiGame ISO creator. I had 2 games downloaded, Sonic Adventure DX and Animal Crossing. I added SADX to the MultiGame ISO creator. The total size was normal: 1,380,000,000 bytes. (not sure on the actual number)
So then, I shrunk it which made the game a bit smaller, but not that much smaller. Only a small fraction, as with most games. Then, I proceeded in adding the Animal Crossing NTSC-U ISO. The was now over 2,000,000,000 bytes, as it should be. Then, I pressed the shrink button, and it made Animal Crossing only 16MB!!!
Then, I added Soul Calibur 2, shrunken, created the MultiGame ISO, burned it to a DVD, and Animal Crossing is working! It works perfectly and loads extremely fast! I don't know how, but the file went back to it's packed byte size from when it was inside the rar file, and was still able to be read through the GC Backup Loader. If there's a program that can shrink Gamecube ISOs to under 20MB, can someone please inform me about it? Most people on this and other forums have been saying how they put 3-4 games on one DVD-R, but with shrunken images, we could put hundreds, literally!

So, this is my discovery. PM me if you want the direct link to the Animal Crossing ISO. It's in a 15.60 rar archive, and it's hosted on MediaFire.


we have the techno...!!
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Oct 14, 2007
Pto. Vallarta
Yeah the Animal Crossing for Wii is also very small once compressed, but that compresion depends on the game itself, it is not because of some program makes a special compresion..!!


kedest said:
finaly i have been looking for Animal Crossing
I found one of 16MB(30MB uncompressed) which as expected didn't work(Nintendo logo then black screen with sound)
Where the hell is it actually?
On usenet i can only find Vol 1, Vol 2 and Vol 3
And on torrents i can only find zero

Me too had that problem. If I remember correctly, I forced it to PAL60 and it worked.
What is PAL60?

The video mode. You can set it in the Wii's settings.
That version of 16 MB is the correct one, the game is just that small

So yeah, a quick search seems to suggest that this is just a one off...
Just this game is that tiny.

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