Question I just got a Switch running 4.1, what's the best option for me?

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    I recently got a unpatched Switch running 4.1. I used Kosmos and Tegra to inject it and booted on CFW. My Switch read the SD Card without any issues. The only problem is the SD Card is formatted as Fat32 and I already tried installing Winrar XCI/NPS split in two but it won't merge them in the SD Card. I always get an error message.

    Also heard 4.1 can't play XCI/NPS backups?

    I'm thinking about upgrading to 6.2 now that it can run CFW.

    What other options do I have? Most tutorials I have found are for newer OFW and it's a bit confusing to me. I only care about playing backups and SNES roms. I fully appreciate any help. Thanks
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    0. There is a thread for beginners
    1. Nothing wrong with exFAT, but if you really care about SNES emulation you should stay of FAT32 because apparently Retroarch could nuke your exFAT microSD card.
    2. Try Tinfoil's network install feature.
    3. Every firmware can play backups, but only SXOS can play XCI. You can convert XCI to NSP tho.
    4. Try out the new AtmosphereNX. is your friend. Here is a good starter pack.
    5. Nothing wrong with upgrading to 6.2 now, but if you wanna downgrade later I recommend using AutoRCM.
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