I had I dream last night

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    I don't remember all the details very clearly and I'm bad writer, but you should be able to this synopsis of what happened.

    Well this was this guy (who kind of looked like Orihime’s brother) walking around a large casino with suitcase. When on his way out some government agents pulled inside and told him that the Mafia was targeted him for his saxophone and he would need their protection immediately. But the guy said he needed for what he had planned for wedding anniversary in New York, so he devised a plan. Later, he walked out of the casino and into the streets like normal. When he was about to get into a cab, mafia showed up and attacked him. He managed to get away and hopped into a limousine with an agent ready to take to the airport. A group agents a policeman arrived to add to the confusion while he got away. He thought he was safe, but was being pursued. Just then, a giant elephant came out nowhere and starting rampaging in the streets (I’m surprised I didn’t wake up from WTF). So the driver had brake and turn so abruptly that the dude was ejected from the limo (lol). So then the mafia guys came captured him. When he woke up, the guy was in what looked like a hotel room with several others from the mafia (one of them looked just one of my friends). It turns out the sax they retrieved was a fake.

    After that I woke up and couldn’t get back to sleep. Whenever I try to remember what happens next, I think about Karas for some reason. So, what do you think about it?
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    wow you dream is detailed my dreams are pretty much wierd and make no sense

    like one time i dreamt of a pink goat with george washingtons head on it
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    ya my dreams make no sense too but sometimes people overanalyze their dreams and come up with more nonsense. I've just found that usually my dreams have something to do with a slight thought previously in the day and pretty much are absolutely meaningless beyond that.
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