how to check if my USB HDD is "healthy?

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    Hi tempers!. My lil' sister has been using my USB HDD to play backups on our softmodded Wii and in our RGHacked Xbox 360. She tends to disconnect it a lot from the consoles, and using it on the computer and then unplugging it off from the PC (sometimes without safe removal) and connecting it to something else again.

    So, i just wanted to know if there's a way to know if after all this, my USB HDD still has everything in order (no "corrupted" or bad sectors, or something like that). Right know, all games on Wii and Xbox 360 work fine, but i still want to know if there are bad sectors or if everything is 100% ok with my USB HDD. Thanks in advance!! and please excuse my english.
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    Plug it into a computer, go to drive properties, run check disk for bad sectors etc. that's how you find out if the file system is healthy.

    To find out if the hardware is healthy, look up its SMART report using a program like Speccy or SpeedFan. Also, whilst its in operation, hold it up to your ear and listen for any weird noises. You should hear the whine and hum of the motor and a little clicking for data read/writes and nothing else.
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    The Ultimate Boot CD has some hard drive testing tools which are nice.