1. Kyle Enkeboll

    Kyle Enkeboll Newbie

    Nov 3, 2014
    United States
    I'm trying to get my V1 Erista Switch (10.2.0 patched, SX Core FW1.3) to show my eMMC in gparted (I upgraded my NAND to 256gb and now need to resize the USER partition, SX OS (3.0.5) has been relicensed and is working after the NAND restoration).

    I've ran the memloader V3 payload from SX OS 3.0.5 and Hekate 5.3.4, both yielding the same results. I can select the 'eMMC' option (so I know I have the files on the SD correctly), and the console then shows a bunch of new text that I can't read because it goes immediately to the blank-backlit-screen (seems normal from video guide I'm trying to follow), but doesn't show up on either of the computers I've used (booting to the 64 bit gparted live iso). I'm using a USB-C to 'A' cable that is from an external HDD, so I know it works for data.
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