Homebrew Launcher *5.4 starter pack*

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    For those with 5.4 who need an easy starting point...

    Disclaimer:I am not responsible for any misuse of this software that may cause any harm to your Wiiu "However unlikely that is".

    Credit to dimok789 for all his hard work for the scene, along with all others who added commits to these apps.

    Pack includes: Homebrew Launcher v1.1/LoadiineGX2 v0.3/FTPiiu v0.3 all compliled with the latest commits.

    Also included: Mongoose, the 5.4 payload "payload.mp4" and the index.html has been fixed to point directly to the 5.4 payload when the 5.4 browser is detected. It originally pointed to "payload.php?sysver=540", which always failed for me.

    For windows just extract the files to a directory that you can find, go to the www folder, and run mongoose.
    Mongoose will bring up your web browser.
    In the address bar will be your computers ip, type that into your Wiiu's web browser.
    For example: " mine is".

    After you type that in and go to it, the screen will turn black with white text, and say success.
    the browser will reset and you type it in again, and it will load the homebrew launcher.
    If for some reason it fails, it will take you to internet settings. In that case just go to the home menu, then launch the web browser again and start over. Keep trying until its successful.

    Download: https://mega.nz/#!Hh9gVKzQ!TNXaMovR-ourCM9RF6dJd_GXHH1ayDmF5RyONajxj2Q
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    Wait, what if Nintendo never releases a new FW update for wii U or they never patch any exploit they know of, because that way, hackers who are waiting for the exploit to be patched before they make their exploits public will never release them to the public?!!?!:wacko:
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    Bugger on 5.5 oh well missed it again lol