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    Nov 15, 2016
    Hi boys.... i have now at my home an "old" wii already modified by me about one years ago (a my parents have now donated to me) and in this two days i have upgraded some on console.. in order i have updated:
    - The HBC to latest 1.1.2
    - I have updated the System to 4.3E using the wad picked from WiiDownloader
    - And i have updates some cIOS (i have installed the d2x v10 b53-alt) and some loader (Configurable usb, usb loader gx and wiiflow) and apparently all backup i have on my hd (i have 2 hd.. one have wbfs folder in FAT32 and one it's a wbfs partition) working whitout any problems but there present this little trouble i have explain on title !

    I have two WIIMOTE.... one of this apparently this is not WORKING on HBC and it's not fully working on all Homebrew app. Example:
    1) Turn on my Wii
    2) Press "A" on Hearth splash page
    3) The system menu it's up... the wiimote working well and i can see the cursor on tv
    4) At this point if i launch HBC or a APP from a forwarder this same Wiimote stop to works...... instead it's not fully stop but ONLY the arrow and all button continue to works and the cursor it's been DISAPPEARS from my TV!

    For fix this situation i need two ways:
    Wait when this wiimote goes in standby...... i turn back and at the sync the cursors it's back and reappears on TV.
    Or manually remove the battery............ or press one time the SYNC button and at the re-sync i can back re-obtain the cursor on TV.

    Whit my second wiimote..... i don't have any problems.......... apparently there's two identical wiimote... it's not the wiimote but it's the RVL-003 and i don't know because i obtain this problems.

    How i can check ? How i can resolve ?

    If you thinks it's usefull i can post and upload to you my recent Syscheck......

    Thanks in advance for every suggestion you can give to me.
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