[Help] Wii u ID's, Updates and meta folders for Loadiine (and also about rayman 2)

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    Jun 9, 2015
    Hey guys,
    I have searched the internet for half an hour now(no kidding), only to find the 'Tekken tag tournament 2 EU' title id or whatever it's called. The code that needs to be between [....] to make it work in loadiine GX 2.
    I have found a large list with ID's but not every one. I mostly download 'EU' games because i have a EU console. (yeah i know it;s region free but i need the right ID for the right region, right?) So where can i find a complete list of EU and USA title ID's ?

    I have asked some users (in PM) for meta folders that i was missing. Some downloads that i have don't have meta folders in it. When there is a update folder, i know where to find the meta folder. Where can i find missing 'meta' folders?

    About updates, Is it true that i can just replace the .rpx etc files with the original files? Also, where can i download the newest updates for a game?

    And last best, I want to play rayman, the great escape (rayman 2/rayman revolutions) on the wii u. I know it's published as a N64 game and PS1/2 (not sure) game. Are there emulators or other possibilities? No vWii please.
    I have a macbook, i am able to use windows on it but i prefer not too. So if some windows tool is the solution, tell me, because i haven't tried it yet.
    Don't give me answers like: 'search the forum' or 'search the web'
    I did.... I follow wiiubrew.net, i searched this forum, i tried before i posted this.
    It's just so much information and so many changes all the time and i have been able to try some stuff since the 5.5.1 exploit so, excuse me...