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    Hey there guys, I wanted to bring up a question that I don't believe has been asked either here or anywhere on Google (as far as I could find, anyway). I hope I posted this in the correct location given the subject matter.

    For some context: I made a passion project of revitalizing my old Game Boy Advance SP, which was breaking apart at the hinges and was generally full of gunk and discolored scratches. I ordered a new shell through RetroModding along with some new buttons and other bits, asked my tech-savvy friend to help me move the motherboard and circuitry, and then I picked up the EZ Flash Omega flashcart to pack the games I own into as rom files. It feels great and I am loving this visit into the last decade and a half.

    Now, I'm going to try and add as much detail as I can while still trying to remain relevant to my question.

    I love Megaman Battle Network 6. I started with 5 and enjoyed that but 6 really grabbed me. I downloaded a fan-made rom hack called the DarkCross Patch and applied it to my rom. It changes Megaman into BassCross Megaman, which works, adds in custom and more difficult bosses, which works, and custom battle chips, which works on VBA. On the EZFO, it's about 70% of the custom chips.

    I know this as a fact because if I load up the same rom and patch on VisualBoyAdvance on my computer, I can load the included cheat list the hack creator supplied to bring about all of the chips and not cause the game to crash when running around in a certain area. I looked online and found a website that included a program called Cheat2Cheat specifically for converting VBA .clt files into .cht files for the EZFO cartridge.

    So I ran that program, converted the cheat file, loaded it onto my EZFO, set the cheats to ON, enabled the cheats ingame, and...nothing. I've tried quite a few things to try and make it work, but nothing seems to take. The cheat file is in the cheat folder of EZFO, the names are correct, and it can't be because it's a rom hack because my rom of Metroid Fusion Debug lets cheats work. So I decided since I can't deduce it on my own, I'd hope that someone here on GBAtemp would be able and willing to help me out with it to get the full experience of the hack and cheats from the VBA onto my GBA.

    Much respect and thanks in advance for the help in advance.
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    Using the Cheat2Cheat program will not help you in this situation. I dont think that program converts the cheat codes into the "RAW" format. Which the EZ Flash Omega uses. Unless you figure out how to create your own RAW cheat codes, nothing will work. That is because the rest of the cheat codes, Gameshark, AR, etc... use .bin files in order to run the cheats.
    The EZ flash omega kernel doesnt know how to use any .bin files to run cheat codes.

    I do not know why they created it to run like that, and their current cheats using RAW suck so much. Someone is trying to re-create the entire GBA library cheat codes to use with the EZ flash omega, but that is a huge project and he is doing it on his own. So dont get your hopes up yet.

    For now, unless you want to wait years for him to finish, you have to learn how to create RAW cheat codes. Even though there arent many tutorials out there.

    Goodluck to you,
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