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    Oct 31, 2020
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    I'm brand new to gaming. I have a great deal of computer experience (software engineer), but absolutely none with gaming on any platform. I, like many others, have found myself suddenly drawn to PC gaming because of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 (and COVID). Want to branch out beyond that, and based on some YouTube videos I feel that Breath of the Wild (Zelda) would be a great game to have for both me and my kids. BTW, and FWIW, the machine I'll use for this is an i9-9900K with 32GB RAM, Nvidia RTX 2060 graphics, and SATA SSD. It will be attached to the TV (1080p 60Hz only).

    So, I only want to run CEMU in order to run BOTW. I will be unlikely to ever run any other Wii game. I'm looking for the most straightforward path to get this going. My questions right now are about controllers and getting the actual game installed under CEMU.

    CEMU says "Currently the DRC (GamePad), Pro Controller and Classic Controller is emulated. Wiimotes are emulated as well (including native support). Keyboard input + USB controllers as input devices are supported". I don't know what emulated means here - does it mean the real physical controllers are supported in the emulator, or does it just mean that it will emulate the use of the real controllers with mouse/keyboard? Does the USB controllers mean Xbox style controllers? Is there any disadvantage of using these instead of actual Wii U controllers? The Wii U pro controller is pretty cheap to get, but info I've seen on using it seems to indicate that the Bluetooth on my motherboard might have to be disabled and use some specific BT dongle instead. I would prefer not to do that since the motherboard Bluetooth is working very well for other things. I also saw a "Mayflash Wireless Wii U Pro Controller to PC USB Adapter" which seems to be for people who already own Wii Pro controllers and want to use them with native PC games. Would this work well with CEMU? Would I then get the same experience as using the Pro controller on a real Wii U? I don't currently own ANY game console type controllers (just flight sim controllers). I would like to purchase controllers that will work well with BOTW and also with any native PC games I may get in the future. What is your recommendation here?

    I've ordered a Wii U BOTW disk from eBay. I have AnyDVD installed - does that mean CEMU will be able to read this disk directly from the drive (or a ripped .ISO)? Will I still need other software (Homebrew?) I could use some clarification on this.

    Thanks for your patience with a total noob. If you are offended that I ask these questions here because you believe the answers are readily found elsewhere, my apologies. If you have links to the best places for these answers it would be appreciated.
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    Hello and welcome to the best forum you could have joined lol

    As far as I'm aware, Cemu will not be able read your botw disc. Any pc drive cannot read retail discs in this way. You would have to dump the disc into a readable format (WUD or rpx i believe) by the emulator using a disc dump tool. More info can be found here for educational purposes!


    The gamepad is used as a standard controller for most wii u games, however botw does have a certain amount of gyro controlled dungeon puzzles and this is where I cannot advise you! I have no personal experience with cemu (my gfx card only goes upto OpenGL3), however, the main page does say that gyro does work (with limitations) by your mouse right click.
    I assume by holding right click and then moving the mouse in the desired direction?

    Your keyboard and or a usb controller will suffice for all controlled movement. Your desired device method may have to be configured.... Ie... Press button or key for A button, Start button, L+R trigger button etc.... But the emulator will come with some sort of std set up for this as all they are doing is emulating the actual hardware.

    I would recommended a simple usb xbox controller or 3rd party one for low cost purposes. I believe that the wii u pro controller can be used with the emulator but I am not sure if you require any further bluetooth attachments or if your pc std bluetooth module would work. I'll leave for an expert user to answer!! The very simple set up would be a wired xbox controller.... Plug and play!!

    I hope that somewhat answers your question but there will be expert users here that will give a more detailed explanation on the controller and game format you need but it will not be a very hard process at all.
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    afaik, the wii u pro controller requires the toshiba stack to work with bluetooth. that really messed up my mouse and headset though, so I bought a mayflash adapter. my bluetooth recently failed, but the wii u pro controller still works perfectly through that adapter.
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