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    Feb 26, 2015
    I wanna buy PES 2011 3D to dump its header after I get unbanned because it's very cheap, less than $10. Will it work with all online games ? My friends told that some header won't support all online games. They recommend me Metal Gear Solid. Some people told me that Metal Gear Solid's header can make you get banned. I'm the person who got banned while using it to get starter pack in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. I use that header because default template got me error 002-0123. Thanks before.
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    Oct 16, 2010
    The header will work, however, every information we have is speculatory, we don't have any reliable solid source of information so everything is just theory.
    I think this becomes a question of "what can we do to make it harder for nintendo to know that we are using roms". No method is really safe since we don't know anything for real.
    If everybody uses the same headers, it is easy for nintendo to see that in their logs. That doesn't mean that they will do something, but if you can prevent that, it is better.
    Here's how to play online in order of safety (safer first):
    1. Use expensive, original, retail cartridges, that only you own, and haven't been extracted yet, to play online, only in emunand classic mode;
    2. Use files extracted from cartridges that you own (so they are private, you're the only one using them) renamed to .3dz
    3. Use downloaded .3dz files (or .3ds renamed to .3dz) patched with a private header extracted from a real cartridge you own and nobody is using (same header for more than one game, but nobody using the same header in the same game at the same time)
    4. Use .CIA files (no header, but nintendo could cross this with the database of eShop games you own and/or with the database of consoles that come with games preinstalled)
    5. Use downloaded .3dz files with public headers that everybody is using (easiest ban target for nintendo)
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