hblauncher_loader freezing everytime I try to launch any homebrew... (2DS, Luma 6.6, A9LH)

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    This has been driving me crazy for days, I have a 2DS running 9.2.0-20U Luma v6.6 with A9LH. I've extracted the stater.zip to the root of my sd card and I've downloaded the otherapp payload and named it to hblauncherloader_otherapp_payload_OLD-9-2-0-20-USA.bin on the root as well. The homebrew launcher loads, but whenever I press A on any app it freezes the entire 2DS and I have to power it off.

    I've tried every version of it and I'm out of ideas. The 2DS was originally on 11.2 and I was having the same problem with the 11.2 otherapp, so I reverted to my 9.2 NAND backup. I didn't have this problem before prior to running A9LH when I had EmuNAND. Can anyone help?

    EDIT: Welp! Finally figured out what was causing the freezing. Apparently it was because I had "patch arm9 svc checks" in Luma settings. This topic can be locked.
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