Having trouble restoring emuNAND

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    Hey guys, so I upgraded to a 32gb sd card and wanted to make the switch. Using emuNAND tool I extracted the emuNAND and put it on my PC. While doing that I put my new SD card in the 3DS and created an emuNAND backup there. After it was extracted I formatted my old SD card (removing the partition) so that I could re-purpose it. I injected the emuNAND.bin into my new SD card but when I try to boot into Gateway mode it crashed. So I formatted the new card again to fat32 and then formatted emuNAND on it again and then injected emuNAND.bin again. Same result...

    Once again I formatted it with a new emuNAND and this time I used the emuNAND tool to extract that one. And the file size was 954mb. While I looked at the emuNAND that I was TRYING to inject I noticed that it is only 204mb. Does that mean that something went wrong when I backed it up? Strangely, I thought that I saw that it was 954 when I first backed it up... Since I already, stupidly, formatted my old card and lost the emuNAND on it, it looks like I'm outta luck when it comes to trying to back it up again. Is there anything that I can do or must I settle with using a brand new emuNAND? If that's the case is there any way that I can get my saves back?