Hackable PS3 models and information

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    Currently with firmware 4.84 you can use some sort of a hack. but this depends on the model and what you are after.

    if you want a permanent CFW the models which can run 3.56 listed below are what you should look for is the firmware 3.56. as its the golden firmware.

    if you are on higher you can use the HAN hack.

    Phat PS3:
    • All Models can be downgraded
    fat model.

    PS3 Slim:
    • 20XX
    • 21XX
    • Some 25XX models
    slim model.

    PS3 Slim/Super Slim which can not be downgraded
    • Some 25XX Models
    • 3XXX
    • 4XXXA
    • 4XXXB
    • 4XXXC

    if you need a guide this is a good place to start.


    if you have one of the newer model PS3's you can install the HAN exploit.


    i will create a guide for this in due time.

    old thread with loads of info : https://gbatemp.net/threads/is-my-ps3-hackable.347355/

    if you find any mistake(s) or something you think i should add. or if you want to create a guide which will be useful for this thread I'm more then happy to listen.

    This thread is work in progress.
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    wow, thanks for posting this here :D
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    @Flame Only problem is, the CECH-25xx Models when searching on Ebay........how would one know if they have the right one??????
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    ebay is a risk no matter what. i think best would be to send them a message and ask.
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    @Flame OK here are my suggestions :)

    1- What ultimately matters for CFW compatibility is whether the console is metldr [1] or metldr2; while it's true that the minimum system version positively identifies by proxy the metldr version, and also of course that all consoles can be downgraded down to the stated version, I would avoid using that word - no modern modding process (whether hardmod or PS3Xploit flash writer) actually downgrades anything

    2- Non-flashable consoles* are now officially recommended to use HEN (a temporary and (less and less) feature-limited CFW) instead of HAN

    * all ones, actually, but why bother when you can have a proper CFW?

    3- For anyone asking, there is no universally best model - however something can be said of two families: the (CECH-A, CECH-B, DECH-A) models with the best PS2 compatibility, and the CECH-21xx, the last guaranteed flashable model that's also the first high-thermal-and-power-efficiency one
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