Getting YSMenu, ImageViewer, and Moonshell to work again

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  1. SRobomanX087

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    Apr 8, 2009
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    Hi folks! I'm new to all of this.

    Prior to installing the YSMenu, I had a working Moonshell to listen to music and working ImageViewer so I could use my DS as a book reader at the same time.
    I'm using the R4 Revolution card with 2GB micro SD. I believe i updated the R4 Firmware to 1.18. Both apps were working fine until I installed the new YSMenu.
    It sped up my game loading speed and made the screen look neater, but I can't use my other apps now.

    Could someone please provide a solution to this lost newbie? Thank you very much!
  2. Pong20302000

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    Sep 8, 2009
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    you can

    just have the YSMenu.nds and boot it from 1.18 original so you keep the Moonshell middle button

    use Wood R4 1.06 and just boot moonshell.nds like a game

    or boot moonsheel.nds through YSmenu like a game