GCW Zero Homebrew Updates

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    GCW Zero team member Dan 'senquack' Silsby has released a solid full-speed port of the popular freeware shoot-'em-up rRootage. It is one of the first ports in the official repository to make use of the GCW Zero's GPU. It supports screen-rotation, fully customizable controls, and even adds some new options the original game never had. With 160 individual levels to play across four unique game modes, it is a must-download if you enjoy fast-paced bullet-hell action.


    With Wetspot 2, Dmitry Smagin surprises us with another retro game reimplementation for the GCW Zero. The game allows you to control a small crab and your target is to kill monsters in each of the levels. The only way to accomplish this is to push bricks.


    Arcade kung fu minigame made in pygame, for PyWeek: https://pyweek.org/e/Slappa/

    :download: Download these releases from the GCW Zero File Repository
    :arrow: rRootage Additional Information
    :arrow: WetSpot2 Additional Information
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