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Team USB Loader GX is proudly presenting:

Google closed its Googlecode service and USBLoaderGX is now hosted on Sourceforge.
As a result, the automatic update feature can't download files from googlecode anymore and will not detect new version located on the new host (sourceforge).
The current "USBLoaderGX windows Installer 1.8" is also based on googlecode website and will NOT install the latest version. A new installer might be released one day.

If you are using a revision older than r1257, you need to update USBLoaderGX manually.


Note : for the most recent and full featured version, get Blackb0x mod below.

For the latest "official" but outdated version, click on the next link:

Download the latest Official/outdated version available on our website.
Extract the file using 7zip or winrar to your device and replace the old files with the new ones.
If you are using the Full channel which is not maintained anymore, please follow this tutorial to replace it with the forwarder channel.
We are sorry for the inconvenience.

There exists different (unofficial) modded versions of the loader. They are listed here for convenience.
- @fledge68 made a plugin mod, allowing wiiflow plugins to work on USBLoaderGX 1262 : r1262 plugin mod2
- @Badablek is maintaining a "tabmod" of latest releases : December 20th 2018 build, r1271+tabmod
- @blackb0x modded 1272 (Current official version!) : Adds new features, fix cheatcode download, got nintendont update back, fix channel patching, homebrew launching, among other changes! be sure to try it until it's officially merged (or if you prefer to keep that version) :)

Download All-in-one package v3.0 (r1180) (OLD VERSION!)
Contains the latest official release: The loader r1180, Latest channel and the forwarder v5.1 for wii only. Also contains the "forwarder.dol" for Priiloader.

Download the loader only (Latest/outdated official release! - PLEASE USE BlackB0x mod instead)
Contains standard version of the latest official release only. No other file included, no forwarders, etc.

Manually download ALL existing versions from 2.0 to latest compiled version (last beta, etc.)

Download Wii and vWii UNEO Forwarder only
Targets: device:/apps/usbloader_gx/boot.dol and device:/apps/usbloadergx/boot.dol
On Wii, the installed channel requires IOS58.

Note for WiiU users:
vWii Forwarder link update on 2014-12-05. Please download and install "v5.1 Fix" over your old v5.1 to get USB support from the forwarder.

WiiU forwarder Channel
You can install this WiiU channel on WiiU Menu to automatically launch the installed UNEO forwarder on vWii. (you need both)


This loader is based on the original by Waninkoko (v1.1) with many features of his v1.5. So far SD-support is not implemented for Wii games.
I hope we can grant most of your wishes and we will try to keep your suggestions in mind. Anyway we are thankfull for all suggestions and bug reports.

IRC channel on irc.abjects.net. Join #gui-usbloader-chat
or just use this simple command on your irc client: /server -m irc.abjects.net -j #gui-usbloader-chat

Template files and manuals

  • No real manual yet, but we are in the process of writing it on our website's Wiki.
  • The template for the latest theme's files can be found HERE.
  • The template for the latest language's files can be found HERE.
  • You can watch old v1.0 Videotutorials here:

Boxarts/DVD covers

  • If you wii has internet connection, Boxart and DVD covers can be downloaded directly from the loader. Press "1" button and select the type of cover (Flat or 3D) or the DVD label.
    If you want to download a full offline cover pack, you can go to gametdb.com, these packs are updated every weeks. (Wiitdb.com is now Gametdb.com)


= new features since 3.0 r1227)
  • The GUI is completely based on the awesome libwiigui by Tantric
  • Look and feel like the original Wii Menu: Use rumble feature, button sounds, background music, disc slot lights up etc. (you can also turn it off in the settings).
  • Real Wii system menu feeling with our improved System Menu Player with Channels and Banners animation!
  • Use the real Wii font from the console to look even better.
  • Supports Dumping and Launching of GameCube games through Dios Mios Lite v1.2+ (DML), DIOS MIOS, Devolution and Nintendont.
  • Supports Launching of triforce arcade games through Quadforce.
  • Supports multi-disc GameCube games.
  • Supports WiimmFi custom network server.
  • Game information: Reads gameinfos from a xml file in your config folder like publisher, developer, year, rating, genre etc.
  • Wide-screen support: Without any special themes for wide-screen.
  • Alternative dol loading: Supports special dol files needed to launch some games (internal or external dol).
  • Block games from reloading another IOS: No need to use alternative dol booting method (e.g. Metroid Prime Trilogy, Sam&Max or CSI games) (needs cIOS d2x v6+).
  • Loading homebrew and USBLoaderGX settings files from SD or USB (Support up to 8 partitions, FAT32/NTFS/ext2/3/4).
  • Works with AHB access and IOS58. No cIOS required to use the loader and launch GameCube or channels.
  • Supports WiiU virtual Wii mode.
  • Auto-detects and set the correct screen aspect-ratio based on your WiiU video settings.
  • Supports UStealth (modified HDD MBR's signature to prevent WiiU's format message).
  • Supports WiiU pro controller inside USBLoaderGX interface, on both Wii and vWii.
  • Works without a connected HDD to list games from other origins (NAND, EmulatedNand or GameCube).
  • Supports arguments from meta.xml on boot.
  • Global Settings and "per game" settings.
  • Parental control: Read levels for each game via the games database or on user request, locks every menus and buttons one by one.
  • Four different Layouts: Simple Game list, Game Grid, Game Carousel, Channel grid.
  • Display games from multiple origins simultaneously : Wii games, GameCube Games, Channels on Wii, Channels on Emulated NAND.
  • Searching for games via on-screen keyboard.
  • Themes support: Download themes from the loader or create your own.
  • Covers support: Download "normal" covers, 3D covers and disc-images for all the games on your HDD.
  • Custom animated banner download for GameCube games.
  • Language file support (use your native language for the loader).
  • Custom sounds: Direct streaming supports for AIF/MP3/OGG/BNS/WAV.
  • List sorting & Favorites: You can sort the list by playstats, names, favorites ranking and number of players. You also can display your favorites only.
  • Create and sort games by categories. (Tutorial)
  • Update function: Update to the latest revision from inside the GUI (requires internet connection).
  • Playstats: Shows you how many times you played the game.
  • Playlog: Log the game you played to the Wii message board (You need to exit the game to the wii menu).
  • Return to the loader (or any installed channel) when exiting a game to the Wii menu. Needs the UNEO forwarder or the UNLR channel installed. (Works best with cIOSx d2x v4+)
  • Gamer tag compatible, to send the launched game to a dynamic signature creation website, such as Winnertag or DUtag.
  • Compatible with both USB ports (needs Hermes cIOS or d2x v9+).
  • List all games from all partitions and from both USB ports at the same time (needs Hermes cIOS or d2x v9+).
  • Full d2x cIOS support with it's new features (Block IOS Reload, Return To, Sector Sizes > 512b, NAND Emulation).
  • Supports USB3.0 hard drives.
  • Supports hard drives with 4kb sector size for FAT32, NTFS and WBFS. (needs cIOSx d2x v6+)
  • WBFS partition with 4kb sector size allows you to store more than 500 games.
  • Supports NandEmulation to directly store the save games to SD or USB instead of the Wii memory. (needs d2x cIOS v7 alpha or later)
  • Supports Displaying and Launching Channels from NandEmulation!
  • Supports install/uninstall of WAD files to the Emulated NAND, external Wad Managers not needed.
  • Supports Batch install/uninstall of WAD files from a folder to/from EmuNAND.
  • Support Neek2o (Wii and vWii) and channel autobooting.
Development & Sources

Please report them in the thread or create a new entry in sourceforge issue manager.
It's recommended that you first post your issue in this thread:
- You'll get a faster reply (I don't look at sourceforge very often)
- It could be a simple issue on your side and not a bug, no need to add a bug report if it's not one.

To compile USB Loader GX by yourself you need the latest libraries and sources. Extract it to your devkit/libogc folder.
  • Get the current source of the loader here: SOURCE
  • Get the libogc and portlib from 2012 05 06 for Devkit PPC r26 which we used for our v3.0 Here
  • All latest stable released files are available here.
  • All built revisions are available here.

Changelog from USBLoaderGX v3.0 r1257 to v3.0 r1260:

Released on 2016-01-09
New :
  • Added RU/FI/SE cover download if EN is not found on gametdb.
  • Added batch wad (un)install from a folder.
  • Added game type and console name in exported game list.
  • Rename meta.xml to lowercase.
  • Updated game's region detection and use "Region Free" instead of PAL as default value.
  • Set default scroll direction to "system menu" for natural behavior.
  • Force a game's title reload when selecting a different EmuNAND path.
  • Removed Nintendont internal update feature (requires SSL).
  • Changed the wad install menu interface.
  • Reverted HTTP to non SSL revision (r1252).

Changelog from USBLoaderGX v3.0 r1228 to v3.0 r1256:

Released on 2015 08 15
New :
  • Added current version and revision number to boot screen.
  • Added a private server setting to patch games at launch. (Wiimmfi support)
  • Added WiiU pro controller support. (Thanks Airline38)
  • Added a Auto WiiU aspect-ratio fixer based on current WiiU setting.
  • Added a manual WiiU Widescreen switcher in Features menu.
  • Added a prompt to move existing Titles files when editing Titles path. (Greywolf)
  • Added an option to display Multi-disc prompt when launching gamecube games with DM/DML/Nintendont.
  • Added "Update Nintendont" option in features menu.
  • Added Nintendont argument booting method support when auto-booting a game (faster booting, no nincfg.bin file written to device).
  • Added multiple Nintendont missing settings.
  • Added a per-game "Nintendont Loader Path" setting.
  • Added Nintendont controllers folder check (controller.ini has priority)
  • Added a Nintendont setting to choose Nincfg.bin behavior at launch.
  • Added Nintendont Disc launching feature and a prompt to select where MCEmu should be located.
  • Added a warning message if Nintendont debug option is enabled but kenobiwii.bin is missing on Rev < 3.336.
  • Added basic Neek2o support for EmuNAND channels autoboot.
  • Added a prompt to select NAND Dump path if needed.
  • Added SSL support for download. (Thanks Fix94)
  • Added progressWindows support for downloads.
  • Added favorite icons to the Animated banner Game Window. (Thanks to Suloku for the patch!)
  • Added a GUI setting to choose the "favorite icons" layout over the banners.
  • Set default loader mode on fresh install to Wii+Gamecube.
  • Set video width to 694px (instead of 640px) when Wii set to 4:3
  • Added an URL auto-updater function for users with the old GameCube banner URL.
  • Updated custom banner URL. (Thanks Abz)
  • Set default Wii disc dump mode to "Remove update partition" to prevent users reporting SSBB dumping issue.
  • Remove "shutdown to standby" choice on WiiU vWii.
  • Automatically set Loader's IOS setting to 58 if no cIOS is available.
  • Removed unneeded IOS58 patches to libruntimeiospatch.
  • Updated LibFAT to v1.0.13.
  • Updated DIOS MIOS (Lite) detection up to v2.11.
  • Video mode is now forced to PAL60Hz 480i when playing NTSC games on a PAL console with Devolution.
  • Changed Nintendont MCEmu setting to ON by default on new USBLoaderGX installation.
  • Changed prompt type to warning if Nintendont version detection fails.
  • Removed forced Nintendont Maxpad setting on WiiU.
  • Removed forced Nintendont controller.ini check on WiiU.
  • Changed partition detection for DIOS MIOS to allow logical partition located before the first primary partition. (Thanks RCJayce)
  • Changed partition detection for Nintendont to allow logical and primary partitions before the first FAT32 partition.
  • Set default Nintendont MaxPad to 4.
  • Prevent deleted channels to be displayed if tmd still exists.
  • Removed the check for cIOS d2x when selecting emuNAND options.
  • Disabled Theme Downloader Menu access (not enough memory).
  • Updated the Internal USBLoaderGX Update URL to use sourceforge instead of googlecode.
  • Fixed launching DIOS MIOS(Lite) with Ocarina.
  • Fixed video mode behavior when selecting Nintendont "Video mode: auto".
  • Fixed exiting the credit page (press B to exit).
  • Fixed creating missing game save path for EmuNAND channels if "EmuNAND channel path" is different than "EmuNAND save path".
  • Fixed "EmuNAND Channel" setting to use the "EmuNAND Save" setting when set to "Use global".
  • Updated Windows installer to v1.9 to download boot.dol from sourceforge. (Dimok) (never released officially)

Changelog from USBLoaderGX v3.0 r1180 to v3.0 r1226:
Released on 2014 05 05
You can find the complete changelog HERE
New :
  • Added a Clock size factor (size factor is theme-able and will override user's value if not "1.0" in .them file)
  • Added a new Category filtering engine. (Tutorial)
  • Added support for GameCube games with: DIOS MIOS, Devolution and Nintendont.
  • Added support for triforce games with QuadForce.
  • Added autodetection of installed MIOS.
  • Added support for Yaz0 decompression on banners and system menu resources.
  • Added a Language settings for GameCube games.
  • Added a new option to Game Window setting to display banner animation only on Channels layout, other layouts use Rotating disc.
  • Added new Priiloader 0.8 beta4 compatibility to parental control setting
  • Added banner download from custom URL when GameCube mode is enable. Set the URL manually in the GXGlobal.cfg
  • Added support for exit to Homebrew Channel v1.1.1+ (LULZ)
  • Added possibility to install multi-Discs GameCube games
  • Added a new setting to select GameCube games source and priority: SD, USB, Sd+USB, USB+SD, Auto
  • Added a warning when trying to launch a Wii game with a non-d2x cIOS if EmuNAND is enabled.
  • Added a Harddrive verification to warn the user if the HDD is not correctly setup when launching GameCube games with the selected loader.
  • Added Wifi6 and wifi10 pictures for GameInfo window.
  • Added support for USB devices with modified MBR's signature to prevent WiiU's format message.
  • Added a Dol Video mode patcher in individual Game settings for games which couldn't be forced. (MadWorld, MotoGP08, Mario Party 8, etc.)
    • Region patch = Patches the dol's known video modes to the region selected in "Video mode" setting, but keep interlace/progressive references.
    • ON = Patch all dol's known video modes to the one selected in "Video mode" setting.
    • ALL = Patch all dol's found video mode patterns (even unknown video modes) to the one selected in "Video mode" setting.
  • Added IOS58 + AHB support.
  • Added a Loader's IOS setting.
  • Added LibruntimeIOSPatch to patch IOS58 and Hermes v4.
  • Added a delete prompt if downloaded cheat file is empty.
  • Force all launched homebrew to reload to IOS58 if available.
  • Changed Gecko.c to send logs to wifigecko too (need to be enabled).
  • Added an option to choose if HDD should be mounted on Loader's launch
  • Added support for 302 Redirect HTTP error code
  • Added Auto-edition of meta.xml arguments based on internal user settings.
  • Added support for meta.xml arguments when rebooting the loader.
  • Added a verification for downloaded Ocarina content and delete it if needed (Thanks Airline38)
  • Reworked GUI window for covers download and auto select all choices. Select HQ/LQ/custom/original priority in the GUI settings.
  • Changed default path for GameCube Main Folder to usb1:/games/
  • Ocarina GCT folder can now be placed anywhere for GameCube Games.
  • Added back cIOS rev17-21 support for EmuNAND Channel
  • Updated LibNTFS to 2013-01-13 version
  • Improved Classic Controller and GameCube Controller usage.
  • Changed how video mode is chosen by the loader. "Force PAL" now really uses PAL signal instead of NTSC.
  • Changed the Loader settings and Game settings display. Options are grouped and displayed by Gamecube Loader type.
  • Merged Gamecube Video settings to a single option.
  • Removed Error #002 setting (Always set to Anti)
Fixes :
  • Fixed tooltip opacity on Home Button and game icons on Channel grid mode.
  • Fixed Banner Grid position X and Y not working in .them file.
  • Fixed grid mode display with 4 games.
  • Fixed unzipping downloaded Theme.
  • Fixed launching GameCube games from disc with official MIOS.
  • Fixed the auto-completion search bug (Thanks to hvy109 for the patch).
  • Prevent Playcount increasing if the game couldn't launch.
  • Fixed launching Korean games (Thanks damysteryman).
  • Fixed progress window not hiding if Wiiload didn't send the file
  • Fixed individual game settings to allow modification of the EmuNAND settings based on the game's IOS instead of global IOS.
  • Fixed USB Initialization when using usbport 1
  • Fixed mounting WBFS partition without a partition table
  • Fixed missing parent folder ".." when browsing a NTFS partition.
  • Prevent Rockband cursor display on GameCube and WiiWare games with "band" in the title
  • Fixed Playlog writing when using Hermes cIOS v4 (untested) (Requires AHB access).
  • Fixed EmuNAND when using cIOS revision 65535
  • Fixed installing games with no_split on NTFS partition if SD Card is inserted (Thanks Dimok)
  • Fixed a crash issue when plugging HDD after launch and mounting WBFS partition for the first time in HDD menu.
  • Fixed gamecube game's list when mounting HDD after launch.
  • Fixed automatic switching to channel mode if no USB device is detected.
  • Fixed Ocarina download from Geckocodes
Devolution usage:
  • place Loader.bin from devolution sources in "DEVO Loader Folder".
    default folder is sd:/apps/gc_devo/ but you can change it in the loader's settings.
Nintendont usage:
  • place Loader.dol or boot.dol from Nintendont sources in "Nintendont Loader Folder".
    default folder is sd:/apps/Nintendont/ but you can change it in the loader's settings.

Changelog for USBLoaderGX 3.0:

Released on 2012 05 12
You can find the complete changelog HERE

USB Loader GX Version 3.0 introduces a new auto-update mechanism which is not compatible with old versions. (The old host is offline)
If you are still using an old version of USB Loader GX, you need to update manually.
Download the latest version or use our easy installer for Windows available on our website.
You can also check how to install or update manually on our Wiki tutorial.
We are sorry for the inconvenience.

  • Added a new Layout: Channel grid mode! Channel grid displays games as channels and plays banner animations like the real Wii System Menu.
    Channel grid mode and banner animation requires AHBPROT flags to load resource files directly from your Wii.
    If you use an old HBC you should use our latest forwarder or update the HBC otherwise you wont have that support.
  • Added Channel launching from Emulated NAND. (big thanks to TriiForce guys and Miigotu)
  • Added GameCube games launching from SD Card through Dios Mios Lite (DML). (thanks to G0dLiKe, crediar, all DML devs and FIX94)
    Check DML website
  • Added direct install/uninstall of WAD files to the Emulated NAND Channel path in the features settings menu.
  • Added a new icon in the toolbar to select the origin of the titles: Wii games, Channels from Wii, Channels from EmuNand, GameCube games.
  • Added the possibility to boot USB Loader GX without an HDD connected (It will fall back to "Channel from Wii" title's origin).
  • Added an option to choose which Game Window mode to use between the old "Rotating Disc" or the new "Banner Animation".
  • Added the favorite level setting to the game settings since it is no longer displayed when using "Banner Animation" game window mode.
  • Added an option to adjust the screen size for overscan TVs (Use negative values to shrink the display).
  • Added display of game's size from Wii disc games on the game window prompt (Rotating disc mode only).
  • Added a button in the search window to switch between "Beginning" and "Content" search methods.
  • Added auto-complete function to the search window.
  • Added a new GUI numpad for entering numbers.
  • Added setting for tooltip delay time.
  • Added resize of widescreen screenshots to 768px width.
  • Added cover download for the currently inserted disc.
  • Added delete of full cover on art work uninstall and game uninstall.
  • Added a parental control option to block priiloader override on return to system menu.
  • Added a prompt asking for downloading new language files when trying to update and no language files exist yet.
  • Added translation parsing for rating descriptors and for genres from wiitdb.xml. Requires a one time update of wiitdb.xml for cache rebuild.
  • Added a new option to force reading the game's titles from disc header.
  • Added renaming of internal TitleID of all HBC versions to JODI for GameTDB to find it.
  • Added a cheat update button to re-download the cheat text file.
  • Added a cancel button to several progress bar windows: Game installation, NAND extraction, etc.
  • Added separate path and setting for Emulated NAND Saves and Emulated NAND Channels.
  • Added per game NAND emulation path setting.
  • Added Mii extractor and SYSCONF file extractor to Emulated NAND. It always overwrites old files.
  • Added automatic Mii extraction on save game extract if the Mii file does not exist yet on Emulated NAND.
  • Added keep of AHBPROT flag on IOS Reload. Homebrews booted now have AHBPROT. (thanks to davebaol)
  • Added a new feature to force aspect ratio on games/channels. (thanks to giantpune for help with disassembler)
  • Added Zelda Skyward Sword Alternative dol offset (PAL and NTSC-U) for automatic dol selection.
  • Added detection of enabled cheat codes from an already created .gct file.
  • Added support for 2 USB drives for d2x cIOS (Requires d2x v9+).
  • Removed buggy focus system completely and added support to control screen pointer with analog sticks from respective controllers if the wiimote is
    not pointing to the screen. Compatible with Nunchuk, Classic Controller and GameCube controller. A speed factor is available in the GUI settings.
  • Restructured game's settings for different types of games (Wii/GC/Channels).
  • Added auto position of progress window messages in vertical direction depending of how many are used at the same time.
  • If "Titles from GameTDB" is not enabled the title will be read from the folder name if possible or from the game disc header.
    Title caching can still be used and is recommended in that case.
  • Settings title, keyboard text and key color can be changed by themes now.
  • Added optional background image for list/carousel/grid layouts (unused by default theme).
  • Use of old built-in font for credits window because it doesn't look good with the system menu one.
  • Removed the need of a cIOS to launch the loader (if anyone uses it with IOS58 for whatever reason).
  • Improved detection of game partition when starting the loader without configs (fresh start).
  • Isfs is now initiated once and deinitiated when cleaning up only, instead of the whole init/deinit every single access.
  • Updated file system libraries.
  • Removed pngu which is not needed, changed screenshot function to use libgd instead
  • added init of network into background thread so it is cancelable and has a timeout
  • changed wifi gecko to UDP socket
  • Converted all ogg sounds from 44.1 khz to 48 khz.
  • Optimized use of memory:
    Sizes over 30kb go to mem2 now first till it runs out ; Avoid use of mem2 area used on IOS_Reload (first 2 mb) ;
    Change font character texture to I4 which uses half as much memory (less cache memory).
  • Changed update function to get the files from googlecode website, since old update host website isn't accessible anymore.
  • Fixed small scrollbar bug when having only 1 item.
  • Fixed reloading of cover image on game list when only 1 item is left after a change (e.g. filtering).
  • Improved calculation of progress speed. Now it is always the last 15 secs average instead of overall progress speed.
  • Fixed "new" game showing even with a parental control setting.
  • Fixed removing of unused cached titles on wiitdb load.
  • Fixed ocarina codes when using more than 255 codes (brawl+) (untested).
  • Fixed bug where entering "-1" (Use global) for cIOS was not possible in game settings.
  • Fixed playback of some BNS banner sounds.
  • Fixed reloading into another IOS before launch of game.
  • Removed buggy lz77 implementation and use the one known working.
  • Fixed launching of dollz compressed dol files. (thanks FIX94)
  • Fixed reading game's titles from disc header on fat32/ntfs/ext.
  • Fixed crash on missing <app> tag on meta.xml files.
  • Forwarder: Fixed crash on drives with physical sector size > 512 bytes.
  • Forwarder: Fixed endless waiting for slow HDD. (thanks to FIX94)
  • Forwarder: Added missing ext2 unmount. (thanks to FIX94)
  • Supports new WiiMotion+ controllers by using latest libraries.
  • Lots of string handling improvements (thanks to gerbilsoft for his patch)
New Channel Grid Mode specific features:
  • New settings section for all banner's settings.
  • Use of BNR (banner animation) cache setting to load banners and icon's animation faster. (Enabled by default. Takes ~35MB/100 Banners)
    Wii games/Channels also accept ID3.bnr for custom-made multi-region banners.
  • BNR cache path setting.
  • Pulsing "new" icon on banner grid layout for new games.
  • Centering and size setting for banner's animation resources.
  • Channel's zooming speed setting.
  • Page's scrolling speed setting.
New GameCube specific features:
  • Supports Dios Mios Lite (DML) v1.2+
  • Uses of a custom banner for GameCube games which loads the game's internal opening.bnr informations (big thanks to diddy
    from the wiithemeteam for creating the brlyt/brlan for the banner).
  • DML settings editable from the loader (global and per game settings).
  • Supported formats for gamecubes are ISO/GCM and GCRegEx.
  • Custom game paths. The following paths are accepted:
    1. configpath/ID6/
    2. configpath/ID6_Title/
    3. configpath/Title [ID6]/
    4. configpath/gamepath/ (slow loading speed)
      Accepted game's filenames: title.iso, title.gcm, GAMEID6.iso, GAMEID6.gcm
  • DML cheats now work the same way as for other Wii games, gct goes to "GCT Cheatcode Path" as GAMEID.gct
  • GameCube games copy from USB to SD on demand with choice menu to delete SD games to make space,
    If you want to use this feature then set the "Main GC path" to USB and the "SD GameCube path" to SD card.
    If duplicated games are detected on SD and USB, the games on SD will be prioritized.
  • Added GameCube disc dump functionality with multi-disc menu game selection, compress and align support
    (thanks to FIX94 and Overjoy for their disc dump sources on which this is based).
  • Use of the BNR cache path to load ID6.bnr or ID3.bnr if available for custom-made banners. (Loading only)
  • Video mode option to force interlace mode on GameCube.
  • Fixed force prog mode on DML 1.4
Changelog for USBLoaderGX 2.3:

Released on 2011 10 23
You can find the complete changelog HERE
New :
  • Added the possibility to use the internal Wii System Menu font (thanks to giantpune and r-win).
  • Added proper message to install progress bar to show when install is really finished.
  • Added a GUI option for Play count display.
  • Added "Remember Unlock" option in parental control menu to set whether the lock should always be enabled on launch if a password is set.
  • Added Priiloader override on returning to Wii System Menu.
  • Added different hooktype and wiird debugger (Thanks to GeckoOS for the sources).
  • Added NAND emulation to redirect Wii NAND access to SD or USB. Default NandEmu path set to sd:/nand/ (Requires d2x cIOS v7 alpha or later).
    • Partial emulation: Load and save the game saves to the NandEmu path instead of the Wii internal memory.
      The Mii, Wiimote configuration and Wii settings are loaded from the real Wii.
    • Full emulation: Load everything from the NandEmu path instead of the Wii internal memory.
      Attention: if you play on someone else's Wii, you'll need to use your own Wiimote and network might not work.
  • Added a NAND extract feature. You can extract everything or enter a path to a directory or file which to extract.
  • Added a save game extraction menu to extract all save games at once from real NAND to NandEmu path.
  • Added a per game save game extraction to NandEmu path.
  • Added a per game NandEmu, Hooktype, WiirdDebugger setting.
  • Added possibility for network re-init (Wifi-Button in Homebrew Launcher).
Changes :
  • Using new app_booter for homebrew booting (see WiiXplorer changelog).
  • Reload back to entry IOS when starting homebrew instead of starting it in cIOS.
  • Removed limit of .csv and .txt game list creation.
  • Entered characters for the password field are now hidden.
  • Improved detection of not existing cheat txt files.
  • Forwarder: Centered the background image and corrected the aspect ratio.
Fixes :
  • Fixed META.XML format.
  • Disabled try to mount of drive when no disc is inserted.
  • Fixed issue with file browser not jumping back to first directory entry on directory change.
Changelog for USBLoaderGX 2.2:

Released on 2011 06 30
You can find the complete changelog HERE
New :
  • Added game categories and filter games list by categories (Can be imported from WiiTDB).
  • Wiinertag support.
  • Supporting arguments from meta.xml on boot (--ios=xxx and --usbport=x) (Requires Homebrew Channel 1.0.7+ or UNEO Forwarder v3.0).
  • New ehci modules by Rodries with better drive compatibility.
  • Added two new video modes to force progressive video mode, 'FORCE PAL480p' and 'FORCE NTSC480p'.
  • Added Sneek Video Patch mode.
  • Added new 'Inherit' setting for game settings named "Use global". If that option is set then the main loader setting is used.
  • Full d2x cIOS support with it's new features (Block IOS Reload, Return To, Sector Sizes > 512).
  • Support for sector sizes > 512B with FAT32/NTFS (Requires d2x v6+)
  • Real support for simultanious use of both USB ports without switching the 2nd drive temporary off. (Requires Hermes cIOS or Rodries MOD of the Hermes cIOS (recommended)) (thanks Rodries)
  • Added two new settings menus
  • Added saving of game browser position when returning to USB Loader GX
Changes :
  • Improved several GUI controls/navigations
  • Changed settings menu layout and sorted the items to their correct place (HDD menu, features menu)
  • Set games settings to use the global setting by default, set to "use global" to use the main loader settings.
  • Use TinyXML instead of MXML (better XML support)
  • Updated to new libs (libogc, libfat, libext2fs, libntfs)
Fixes :
  • "Return to" option now work for all games, even problematic games like Prince of Persia. (Requires d2x v4+)
  • Xflip setting fixed.
  • Fix the parental lock of Individual game settings (Thanks to NJ7)
  • Fix Theme downloader
  • Fixed reset of the loader when loading game with IOS reload and disabled WiiTDB titles
  • Fixed timeout timer on startup to count correctly.
  • Fixed reversed disc image download when Custom/Original option is selected
  • Fixed reload of game list after a game rename
  • Fixed horizontal text scrolling
  • Fixed booting games by arguments (headless id feature)
  • Fixed We Dare game boot (thx oggzee)
  • Fixed "Block IOS reload" feature in game settings to allow dol reloading game to work without selecting an alternate dol (Requires d2x v6+).
Changelog for USBLoaderGX 2.1:

Released on 2011 03 20

You can find the complete changelog HERE
New :
  • Auto-patch New Super Mario Bros. Wii AP (no Wip file needed).
  • Games marked as "New" will also appear in favorite mode.
  • AltDol+ feature added. Select AltDol method "Prompt when launching" to see a list of dols when launching the game.
    If a wdm file is found in wdm path, it will be used to rename the found dol files to friendly names.
  • Automatic AltDol for known problematic games (SSX, Red Steel, Wii Sports Resort, etc.)
  • Carousel arrow position is now themable.
  • Individual Parental control option for every menus and buttons.
  • When deleting a game, you will be prompt for deleting everything related (covers, cheats, etc.).
  • New setting for Home menu layout.
  • Added support for physical sector sizes other than 512 bytes per sector for wbfs partitions only!
    Tested with a 3TB drive with a sector size 4096 on wbfs partition (thanks to Dexter).
  • Added download for Full covers. If a Full cover is found, 3D box will appear in the game info page.
  • Added additional sort mode "Sort by number of players".
  • Added support for Multiple partitions. When active, all games from all partitions of the current USB port will be listed.
    The selected partition in the GUI Setting will be used for game installation.
  • Added support for Wiimms virtual sector sizes for WBFS to store more than 500 games.
  • New Theme menu to manage downloaded themes.
  • Added support for using USB port 1 (ONLY ON HERMES CIOS).
  • Added support for using both USB ports at once (ONLY ON HERMES CIOS).
    Use this option with Multiple partitions option to list all the games from all partitions from both ports at once.
    ATTENTION : Set all your user defined paths to SD card or you can corrupt your data.
  • Added cache of game titles. This will speed up the startup of the loader. It can be deactivate in the settings.
  • Added left/right on game info screen to go to the next/previous game.
  • Added a widescreen and font scale factor.
Changes :
  • WiiTDB cover download logic changed. Missing cover's localization won't fall-back to English.
  • Libfat now use FS info sector on FAT32 partitions to improve free space reading speed.
    You need to run "Synch FAT32 FS info" once in the Loader setting if free space reading is still slow or free size inaccurate.
  • Cover download menu now uses checkboxes. Choose Discart download priority in the GUI Settings.
  • Changed USB Loader GX WBFS formatter to choose 2048 as virtual sector size if a drive with a size > 500GB is formatted.
  • Removed playcount limit (Previously set to 255).
  • Changed default setting for video mode back to disc default (Correct black screen on game launch).
  • Changed title/channel browser to use WiiTDB for displaying title names if no name is found in WiiTDB the old method is used
Fixes :
  • SD Card icon no longer reset the currently loaded Theme.
  • Fixed bug in the homebrew browser and the homebrew launcher when received via network.
Changelog for USBLoaderGX 2.0:

Released on 2011 01 09
Listing only the important changes since the last stable release r874:
You can find the complete changelog HERE
  • Support for all cIOS (up to Hermes 5.1 and Waninkoko r21)
  • Support for all IOS slot from 200 to 255.
  • Support for WBFS/FAT32/NTFS/Ext2/3/4 with Hermes v5+ and Waninkoko r18+
  • Support for multiple WBFS partitions (Hermes v5+ and Waninkoko r18+)
  • Support up to 8 partitions to store the boot.dol and datas (config, images, themes, etc.)
  • Support drives >1Tb
  • Support for Primary/Logical partitions and GUID Partitions Table (GPT).
  • Added configuration file version checking. It will reset the old one automatically if important changes occured.
  • Added URL to hosting websites (www.spiffy360.com for theme and www.techjawa.com for update files).
  • Added screenshot feature while in the loader (Press Z+c).
  • Support more sound formats: AIF/MP3/OGG/BNS/WAV now with no file size limit (streaming).
  • Support for the new Homebrew Channel (1.0.7+) when exiting the loader.
  • Support for the <no_ios_reload/> tag in the meta.xml for AHBPROT enabled with HBC 1.0.7+
  • New homebrew launching engine
  • New Theme format (Now uses the same format than the language files).
  • Per game lock feature for better parental control.
  • Choose the sub-directory naming convention when installing a game (Ignored on WBFS partition).
  • Select the split size when installing a game: 2GB or 4GB or none.
  • BCA files support.
  • WIP patch files support.
  • Automatic patch for "Prince of Persia: The forgotten sands" (no Wip file needed). (Disable "Return to" option in Prince of Persia preferences)
  • Added Wii message board update (Playlog) when exiting a game to the Wii menu.
  • Brawl+ support.
  • Return to a channel when exiting a game.
  • Removed 1:1 install mode, use install all partition instead or use a real dumper if you want a clean dump.
  • Changed the default folders layout, now the themes and images folders are sub-folders of the loader (apps/usbloader_gx/themes, etc.)
  • Changed the way the Parental control is working and don't read the one from the wii setting anymore. The password is crypted in the config file.
  • Now uses the full Wiitdb.xml instead of the user generated file.

GUI in action

Last edited by Cyan, , Reason: set Blackb0x's version as latest better/official version to get.


Well-Known Member
Nov 7, 2008
Wow it's amazing.
I'll wait for a compiled version.

Does it also have the support for Ocarina and video mode patch?


Well-Known Member
Apr 19, 2009
The Other Place
just open a project in devkit pro and clean then make..

make sure you set the project folder to the folder of the app's source and your good to go usually.


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May 21, 2006
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United States
There was a fix already out for ExciteTruck... since the SD card is already mounted, that's the crash... from what I've read, you just have to put a simple UnMountSD command in right before the launch title command...

this is not real code, but just an example..

unMount SD:
launchTitle d #d is the disc id of the selected title (RDZE01 for example)


Well-Known Member
Mar 1, 2009
zidane_genome said:
There was a fix already out for ExciteTruck... since the SD card is already mounted, that's the crash... from what I've read, you just have to put a simple UnMountSD command in right before the launch title command...

this is not real code, but just an example..

unMount SD:
launchTitle d #d is the disc id of the selected title (RDZE01 for example)

Thats great , if somone could implement this for both PAL and NTSC.


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Nov 7, 2008

Chaos Punk

Well-Known Member
Apr 19, 2009
Bakersfield, CA
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United States
Oh, and I have bug and typo. The typo is that when you select go back to Wii Menu, it goes back to the homebrew channel, not the menu, and the bug is when you use a forwarder to get to the app, when you try to exit to the wii menu/homebrew channel, it crashes or just freezes. Oh, and a suggestion, the ability to go back to EITHER the Wii Menu OR the HBC?


Well-Known Member
Jan 11, 2009
United States
zidane_genome said:
There was a fix already out for ExciteTruck... since the SD card is already mounted, that's the crash... from what I've read, you just have to put a simple UnMountSD command in right before the launch title command...

this is not real code, but just an example..

unMount SD:
launchTitle d #d is the disc id of the selected title (RDZE01 for example)

This is already in the code. Each time a game is booted the SD is unmounted!!

The go back to Wii Menu Button goes back to HBC for us. We made it coz it is faster to test the programms instead of going HBC all the time. In a release this will be really back to Wii Menu (its only one line to change).

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