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    I'm sorry if this isnt the place to write this. I wasnt able to find where to... Anyways is there a guide on making a IRC inside the GBATEMP IRC? Like for IRC Rizone you can make your own channel. I was wondering if I can make my own channel inside the exsisting GBATEMP channel? If so how can I make one? I've read this one article but it tells me to download a program and I dont want to download a program and instead just a step by step guide over the internet [​IMG]

    Thanks guys!
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    Creating your own channel is as easy as just joining one that does not exist yet. You will automatically create it and you will be an operator there.

    Here is a random guide I googled just now to get you started.

    edit: Here is the guide to joining irc using mirc that will help you too, mirc is free to download and the trial lasts forever
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    Aug 3, 2008
    O.O WAHHH Thanks lol I never had a mod and not just a mod but an IRC Staff for gbatemp help me XP. I'm a bit confused though... isn't the gbatemp IRC based on another site (I dont remember wat site) but can I enter the code #gbatemp from another IRC site and still go to it?

    I was wondering if I have to download that program cause I will be more on my ds and ipod (Clirc homebrew for ds and an app for ipod that allows me to go to IRC channels).

    Thanks [​IMG]
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    Ok, I do not understand all of what you wrote, but I'm gonna try to make my best out it.

    First some basic stuff. When you are in the "GBAtemp IRC" this means that you're connected to GBAtemp's IRC server ( Within this server there are (discussion) channels, with the main channel being

    (The following is all assuming that you have a registered nickname on GBAtemp's IRC server.)

    To create a new channel you first need to join this specific channel, this is usually done by typing "/join #channel", replace channel for the name you want for your channel. If it's empty/not registered then you should get operator status in said channel.

    From here you may want to go ahead and register the channel. This is done by typing "/msg chanserv register #channel channelpassword channeldescription" (obviously replacing #channel, channelpassword, channeldescription with appropriate content).

    At this stage you should have a channel of your own, however there are a lot more things that can be configured regarding your channel and it is not possible for me to go into all of it. But additional help regarding channels can be found by typing "/msg chanserv help" in your IRC client.
    Info and options regarding a channel bot can be accessed by "/msg botserv help".