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    If this is in the wrong location, I apologize in advance. I've been searching for a utility/tool to convert AR codes or even Codebreaker into .cht files that are usuable by the SuperCard software.

    Scenario is, Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap. I've tried creating a .txt file through AR Crypt and then running Convertor.exe to convert from .txt to .cht but each time I try to use the SuperCard software to patch in the codes I get a dialog box with Red X dialog box(never shows any text of what the actual error is).

    [Infinite Health]
    [Max Health]
    [Max Rupees]
    [Infinite Small Keys]
    [Infinite Bombs]
    [Infinite Arrows]
    Name=Legend of Zelda - The Minish Cap (U)

    this is what my "Legend of Zelda - The Minish Cap (U).cht" looks like and each time it's loaded in the SuperCard software and I click "Out" it gives me the Red X dialog box. Is it something wrong with the format of the .cht file or something else I'm doing wrong?

    Is there a simple all in one utility that will build .cht's for the GBA by chance?

    EDIT: Looks like I got it to work by using AR Crypt and the Convertor program. It seems to be a bug with the SuperCard software, as long as I first turn off all the Options but Saver Patch before choosing to Add the ROM then I can double click the ROM from the list and enable the cheats, real time saving and it'll let me "Out" the ROM successfully.
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