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Sep 8, 2006
I spent most of today on MyMario and listening/watching Dream Theater's Budokan concert.

I'm better at flash by now and figured out why the hell he omitted my trace functions, damn, i donno who the hell ticked that on properties.
so, thats a little better but main problem which is flash acting like interpreting languages like JavaScript is make debugging harder and harder.

I'm finding more and more bugs in TonyPaa's source/documents and will let him now all of them.

I'm also adding features to the code, like he's code doesnt allow enemies to walk on clouds but I spend half of this way to do this, cool thing is you cant do whatever you want to prevent it since you will ruin rest of the code and you have to work like a surgeon to patch things and not to add a feature and remove two others. that was the case, whenever I put that feature of enemies walking on clouds, that stopped clouds to work as walkable objects.

And also I spend a great amount of time finding a way to give ability of waking off platforms to enemies like whenever they walk off an edge, they dont just turn back (reverse direction to be precise) but jump down and continue same direction until it sleeps, umm, sorry, until they hit the wall.
but I keep it as commented in text, maybe for future enemies which want to chase the player, who knows what kind of sick platform game I will make!

It makes me so happy to find bugs in his work with flash (which I'm too n00b at) and fixing it makes me scream everytime, yes, everytime.

Its 5:36pm here and I'm kinda tired/sick at coding, I have still these things to do before advancing into tutorials:

-fix ladders (there are somethings that I want to add to his basic ladders which dont satisfy mii)
-fix doors (I added something and now doors are fucked up!!)
-fix teleport (same as above)
-add if gameover occured start from starting positions if not, start from entrance door (yeah, same as above!! as said, whenever I add something not too carefully, it will ruin others)
-why adding STOP() in first frame of my characters, wont work (yeah, thats interesting, whenever I put STOP() in first frame of my characters, they stop working but TonyPaa's code has it, have to investigate it).

after fixing these, I'll update the topic and wait people to sarcasm more!! i dont care, I just do whatever I feel like.

but the sad thing is I didnt spend time to study for entrance exam, but I dont feel guilty since I worked today good. (hope allstair dont read these fucked up grammer sentences, i just don care!).

Maybe I go to my friend's to check his PS3, played it like 5min (Gran Turismo, the one which was on it) and Ninja Gaiden and his dad came to watch news and we had to stop. So maybe going there tonight and play more, I'm mainly interested in Assassin's Creed (if you can call it "interest") but he has most of PS3 games.

-Later, test out.

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