Fixing Xbox 360 Battery Packs?

Startropic1 Sep 13, 2019.

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    I have a whole bunch of Xbox 360 rechargeable battery packs that don't charge properly. I am aware of the reasons this can happen, and it's not always the same issue with every battery. I'm not going to through all my various batteries in this thread. I'm just going to focus on one that I'm doing for someone else.
    They had a Nyko brand charge & play cable, and I have the official Xbox 360 battery charger that takes 2 packs and plugs into the wall. When I try to use the Nyko cable I have unstable results. (I have learned not to trust these charge & play cables, I have several official ones that all bit the dust.) When I plug the battery into my wall charger, it has a red light for a second or 2 and then quickly switches to green. Upon checking the battery with my multimetre, it reads 2.5 volts. I understand the battery packs wont charge if they are completely dead, but this one should have enough to register properly with the chargers and actually charge. Unfortunately I do not own an external power supply to manually charge the battery up a little more. I do have some loose PC power supplies, but that will probably be too much voltage for a battery pack. Any thoughts?
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