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Mar 16, 2006
United States
First off I'd like to let everyone that I was recently on vacation for 8 days on a cruise. It was a fun trip to get away from it all, and I didn't have contact with the outside world the entire time and it was great. Only complaints about it is the time away from my beloved 360. Still got some games to complete unopened on my shelf... that I'll get to some time after I get bored of Rock Band, or at least don't want to play it as much. (Also, a quick note, my 360 auto blogs on a website called and you can read that here)

Secondly would like to let everyone know that the next episode of the Tempcast has been recorded a LONG time ago(some date before the 10th as that's when I left for the cruise, but don't know exactly when), and is well on its well. It's in the capable hands of mthrnite, and there will be another GAYM in it so be ready for that. I'd also like to note that lagman didn't make it to the recording, but we might get him to do a segment to place in the episode, although maybe not as well. Just need to hear from him first. Also, Urza may or may not have a mini segment in it too... really not sure on that one, guess we'll see. Oh, and mthrnite joined us for the actual recording so there will be that as well. Recording is really short, so for those that like it that way, enjoy.

I think I've babbled for far too long now and should wrap this up. Follow this blog for much more information about the Tempcast and your comments are welcome. And always remember that if you'd like to ask us any questions that you want answered on the show email those to [email protected] and we might go ahead and do that.


Starting today I am now the owner of the 60GB model of the PS3. So yeah... discuss or something.

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