FBI wont inject?

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  1. PaiiNSteven

    PaiiNSteven Newbie

    Title. Before I go on rambling about what I've tried, the H&S app has deleted COMPLETELY from my sysnand and still appears and works (with the unknown database error) on my emunand. Here is what I tried thus far;
    - Going into Settings/Data Management/Nintendo 3DS/Software to generate <id0> and <id1.> I cant find anything of that on my SD card, sadly.
    - (trying to) Go into the eShop and redownloading the H&S app. No hopes. I know theres an eshop spoof but I dont have browserhax on my 3DS currently.
    - Reinstalling H&S via rxTools. Still doesn't show up.

    Anybody have a fix? I'm willing to go rummaging through my emunand files to find it if needed. Thanks!
  2. vb_encryption_vb

    vb_encryption_vb That hardmod guy....

    Nov 21, 2015
    United States
    Acworth, GA
    It should have made a bach up of h & s?
  3. PaiiNSteven

    PaiiNSteven Newbie

    It did, but it wont install. ._ .
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