Consoles received in the last week shipping tomorrow. Will be offer hardmod service on WII U soon. Jun 4, 2017

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Male, 39, from Acworth, GA

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    1. lemonmaster
      Hi! Please check my PM :)
    2. Deleted-394630
      1. vb_encryption_vb
        I could restore it, permanent hardmod im not sure of yet.
        Nov 21, 2017
      2. Eon89
        Vb_encryption_vb I'm a new user so if I'm contacting your wrong I apologise i would like to run luma on my new 2ds xl on 11.6 I was wondering if you could mod it so that I have access to homebrew
        Mar 11, 2018
    3. GFatha
      >Lia> Both are in the root of SD card
    4. GFatha
      looks like I softbricked? my n3DSXL when I press the power button, blue light goes on and off in about a sec. not sure of the problem, but can it be fixed? ANy advice?
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      2. GFatha
        Both are in the root of SD card
        Jun 17, 2017
      3. vb_encryption_vb
        firm1 is corrupted. I've seen it happen many times.
        Jun 17, 2017
      4. balloon_head
        @vb_encryption_vb I can't do PM's yet, I was wondering if you could put Boot9strap hardmod on my New 3DSXL
        Jul 12, 2017
    5. vb_encryption_vb
      Consoles received in the last week shipping tomorrow. Will be offer hardmod service on WII U soon.
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      2. Gunney5
        Jul 13, 2017
      3. SirNapkin1334
        @vb_encryption_vb I can't do PM's yet, I was wondering if you could answer some questions. 1. Does Apple-PiBaker work for flashing NAND stuff onto SD Cards? 2. I know that the first time you do the hardmod it gives you a bootrom error, there you can read/write the NAND, but how can I do a second bootrom error to write to the NAND a second time? and 3. Is the SD Card and Wires hanging out the back inconvenient?
        Aug 31, 2017
      4. MashedBin
        Just tag you on twitter. Hope you still do 3ds hardmod.
        Nov 10, 2017
    6. vb_encryption_vb
      Consoles that arrived in the past week are shipping monday, watch inbox for tracking info. Thanks.
      1. HCRAYERT
        May 27, 2017
      2. TheNinthAxis
        Thanks for the update, don't forget Monday is a holiday. Don't want you to make a trip you don't have to.
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        May 28, 2017
      3. Beforedeth
        Hey Vb I'm new on here i have a n3ds with 11.4. I was wondering what you could do either hard mod or downgrade and mod for me. in tn so shipping should be cheap!
        Jul 28, 2017
    7. vb_encryption_vb
      Get your hardmod orders put in for sighax for 11.4 users for the rest of the month 50% off ( temp mods only )
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      2. jamesgregorysullivan
        Hello I have a new 3ds xl 11.4, I was looking to get it hardmodded. I am unable to PM as well, I apologize for the inconvenience
        May 24, 2017
      3. Irontailfin
        Hello, I am only interested into modding my N3ds for smash bros, as I would like to add custom music and skins etc.
        May 25, 2017
      4. leetree
        ALSO an 11.4 n3dsXL possibly looking for hardmod. Dont want to swamp you (we saw where that got hundshamer). very low priority, but if you have a free minute in your queue and i can slip in let me know. Also unable to PM. twitter is @traytaro
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        May 27, 2017
    8. Dionicio3
      Do people here not know what a PM is?
      1. ihaveamac
        some people can't send PMs, a change prevents low-post-count users from creating them
        Apr 9, 2017
      2. Dionicio3
        Ah, ok.
        Apr 9, 2017
      3. Jaredwii
        Jesus i dont know how to pm or start any post on your profile but someone mentioned your name for PS3 CFW/downgrade service so im here to see if you can pm me about it so i can talk etc etc
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        May 6, 2017
    9. Bateees
      1. kaibeast223
        hey vb can you tell me all the options you have for hardmod
        If possible I would want access to nand,fram,arm 9 ram and any other ram if possible
        im ok with just nand but I will be doing some research on sighax and trying to dump the bootroms so I need access to that stuff if posible

        Thanks kai
        Feb 11, 2017
      2. Redman19
        I need help with a 3ds xl
        MSG ME PLZ
        Feb 13, 2017
    10. zezzo
      Do you repair 3ds buttons and do shell swaps?
      1. vb_encryption_vb
        Jan 16, 2017
      2. Dayfronz
        Umm I was trying to install a CFW for my brother and i bricked it, and i feel real bad if you can fix it can you give me the price for your services and other info please.
        Jan 18, 2017
      3. Dayfronz
        wait nvm
        Jan 18, 2017
    11. Gamerjin
      I somehow bricked N3DS while updating and now it seem i need a hardmod for restoring. can you send me a pm with services/prices?
    12. vb_encryption_vb
      Back to normal operations.
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      2. MFSGameplay
        Thank so much for your services... sorry I haven't doneating review and wrote you in awhile. My YouTube channel got deleted.
        Jan 11, 2017
      3. XxSashaxX
        Hey, I need to restore the nands of a 3ds xl (old) and a 2ds... can u send me details of your service please?
        Feb 16, 2017
      4. ItsJustKale
        Do you mod new 3ds's or would i have to send mine in to get modded? also whats ur prices. pm me pls
        Nov 14, 2017
    13. eaturbrainz
      I managed to brick my bro's o3DS XL trying to do all the CFW stuff to it (I did it on my own n3DS XL with no issue...). I have a NAND backup so I guess there's an upside. Can you send me a message with info/price? Thanks
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    14. vb_encryption_vb
      I've been sick all week, cold/flu, so there is some what a delay, I work on them here and there.
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      1. DaveAngry
        Hello from Dexter, Missouri. I was pointed in your direction for a N3DS hardmod to fix my bricked system. Any way you could message me with detail/cost?
        Jan 8, 2017
      2. Ssingledad7
        i have a new 3ds xl thats bricked need a hard mod have a nand backup how much do you charge. im in hilliard fla. please send reply to [email protected] thank you in advance. hope you will do it.
        Jan 9, 2017
    15. haznpapo
      hey bossman I tried downgrading new 3ds and I believe I have bricked.
      as NANDmin shows 0 bytes. let me know what you can do. and what is your charge? I thank you
      1. SillyNewb
        Jan 7, 2017
    16. drfunkenstein2k
      Hello from Anderson,SC here, just bought a NEW 3DS i need a hardmod downgrade so i can use my gateway card i believe firmware 10.7
      how much is the service ;) thanks man
    17. Alexander0885
      Hey. I'm in need of some help I have a n3ds. used the 3ds guide to downgrade from 11.2 to 2.1 but I was having firm0.bin errors when trying to install a9lh. Someone on the 3dshacks sub told me to update through system update and now I'm bricked. What will it cost me? Will I need to have a wire sticking out of my 3ds like.insaw in pics? Please get back to me. Thanks!
    18. Sang Nguyen
      Sang Nguyen
      I need a price on hardmod and install a9loaderhax
      1. trevorg10
        Would like to know the same for a 2ds
        Jan 3, 2017
    19. vb_encryption_vb
      20 Consoles shipped today, that means if I had yours for the last 2 weeks or so, it shipped.
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      2. InvictusRed
        Got my 3DS back and it's perfect! For anyone who is a noob like me, there were no problems updating and using built in network-wifi transfer to load homebrew.
        Jan 2, 2017
      3. Patrickf21
        I can't send you a pm yet but I am a noob and bricked my 3ds and need your expertise!i messaged you on twitter if we could talk there?
        Jan 6, 2017
      4. SillyNewb
        Can you message me for pricing and other details?
        Jan 7, 2017
    20. parvulus
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    Switch / Switch Lite mod chip install coming soon 3DS Hardmod Service / unbrick / boot9strap install - PS3 Downgrading Service - PS3 Unbricking Service - Contact me for details
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