Favorite Skyrim In-Game Books?

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    So I finally had a chance to play Skyrim since I'm on Thanksgiving break. Now I'm hooked, which is extremely bad for me because I start school again on Monday D:

    For lack of time I tried to plow straight through the main story as quickly as possible, which meant not wasting time reading any books I came across. But my adventures eventually took me to the town of Riften, where I stumbled upon a book in the back room of Elgrim's elixir shop. It was called Palla, Vol. 2.

    I never read any of the books; I only open them just to see if they're skill books. But for some reason when I opened Palla 2, I flipped through all the pages and noticed that it was really long. So I thought to myself, "what the hell is written in all of these books?" and I decided to read the entire thing.

    It was actually a pretty good read, or at least much better than what I would expect for a random Skyrim in-game book.

    Anyway it got me thinking, if this is the first book I ever read in Skyrim and it was pretty decent, there must be tons of other interesting books to read in this game.

    Do you read the books in Skyrim? What are your favorite ones? Post the title and their location here :)

    Sample Format

    Title: Palla, Vol. 2
    Location: Town of Riften, in the store Elgrim's Elixirs
    Why You Recommend It: Kind of disturbing, with a twist at the very end.

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    Title: Thief of Virtue
    Location: Too many to recall
    Why you recomend it: Well... Let's say that I liked the thief in that book, he was good at opening 'certain' lockpicks.... =P
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    Title: The Lusty Argonian Maid
    Location: Many places
    Why I recommend it: Sexual innuendo
  4. DarkStriker

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    Title Oghma Infinum
    Location: Long series of chain quest
    Why I recommend it: Free EXP. Exploitable. For Slackers like you.
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    I really like the story and now I want to find the sequel..
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    I never read any of the books. Maybe I will now that I know there's actually something worth reading in them :P
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