Hacking [FAQ] Can I do this with Wii U hacking ?

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This FAQ is for all the newcomers in wiiu hacking scene : this FAQ explain what we can do with Wii U Hacking (Sorry for my bad English , i'm French :) )

Is a free hack exist on the Wii U ?
Yes ! Using the web browser (like browserhax on the 3DS)

And is the hack work in the last firmware Version ?
Yes ! The last version (5.5.1) is compatible (currently :P) with all of the Wii U hacks.

Is the Virtual Wii Mode is hacked ?

Yes ! But this require a game and a SD Card >=2GO

Do we need anything for Hack the Wii U ?
Almost . We need a SD Card (or a MicroSD with SD adapter ) and a PC ,
almost everybody have these things !

Is there a Wii U Homebrew channel ?

Yes ! It's called the Homebrew Launcher.

Can i play ROMs of games ?
Yes ! A user-friendly software called Loadiine GX2 allows you play ROMs of games.

Can we dump games ?
Yes ! Use DDD (This homebrew require a PC)

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I REALLY don't want to this thread is shared now , i have pressed ok like a #$%

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