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    EZV Cheat Converter
    by cracker

    This program will convert ARDS codes into the .cht format used by the EZV. The EZV has a very limited cheat engine which only allows 8-,16-, and 32-bit RAM writes so there will be many codes that can't be converted properly. The program will tag the codes that aren't supported. It is recommended that you don't try using codes where lines have been tagged because it usually means the tagged line is necessary for the code to operate properly and the game will probably crash if you try using the code.

    Usage: Paste the codes into the left text box, enter in the game's name and click convert. Then either copy the codes to paste into a .cht file manually or choose between one of the two methods of saving. Manual .cht saving will let you name the .cht file yourself. Automatic .cht saving will let you choose a DS game to automatically save the .cht with the correct ID.

    Download here

    If you get a missing component error then grab the VB6 runtime and/or VB6 Common Controls.
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    thanks very much m8 [​IMG] I hope the ez flash team reward you for your effort [​IMG] I'm really grateful for this and I wish you luck with your up and coming projects [​IMG]

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