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Discussion in 'EZ-Flash' started by badchilli, Nov 1, 2009.

  1. badchilli

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    Oct 23, 2009
    United States
    OK, I didn't find a sticky about this, nor much info. I'm posting this to save others time.

    I got my EZ Flash Vi recently (nice card) and wanted to try out the real-time guide feature, the "walkthough" option from the in-game EZ Flash Vi menu (while in-game, hold L+R+A+B ).

    (Important note: I'm using the latest alpha test kernals, (alpha) Kernel 2.0 RC7 (22nd of October 2009) release. Kernels (RC4 or higher) should be fine as well. I haven't tried the beta (1.90 open beta 11) and stable (EZ5 kernel 1.86h) kernals , so I don't know if the walkthrough feature is different for those kernals. )

    Anway, I wasn't aware till now that there was a tool specifically for creating your in-game text files, the RVF In-game editor, aka "walkthough tool v1.0". I only found out about this tool via PharaohsVizier's nice review on the Ez Flash Vi. I looked at various FAQs, on the official EZ Flash website, and I didn't see any mention of the tool nor any download link. I had no clue about this tool.

    I then came across this thread on the EZ Flash forums about one of the test alpha kernals (Kernel 2.0 RC4) for EZ Flash V/Vi and it mentioned the new walkthrough tool, which, not surprisingly, had a link to file on our very own gbatemp site (actually filetrip now).

    You can downloaed the RVF In-game editor Walkthough Tool V.10 here.

    I didn't see any sticky or FAQ about this here on this site, so I figured I post this in case others didn't know about the tool.

    How to create the walkthrough (wlk) file:
    I won't go through this in detail. For an overview, just read PharoahVizier's review (already linked above) if you you're wondering what the tool does (helps with text formatting on your text files for viewing on your Ez Flash V/Vi flashcart). He's got really nice pictures of the tool and explains a bit about it.

    The walkthrough tool itself has instructions on creating and using the text files. Just read the instructions as they are straightforward, but I'll add some comments:

    - I pasted and formatted my text in the tool and then named my generated wlk/text file as instructed. I named the file as the same name as my nds rom, but I added the "wlk" extension, instead of "txt" (or "nds" obviously). I'm not sure if it's that's needed as the instructions don't say that explicitly, but that's what I did. If you open up the generated wlk file in a text file, you'll see some garbled stuff. I assume it's encoded, most likely turned into a binary file (as opposed to ascii text file), so therefore I thought I needed to add the "wlk" extension.

    - I placed the wlk file in the RTSSAVE folder in root as instructed.

    - Then in EZ Flash Vi, I highlighted the game title in the ez flash game list, pressed "select" button on the NDS to get the settings menu and then turned ON "soft reset" and game guide". Don't be like me, as I was stupid, and forgot to turn on "soft reset" the first time, and only had "game guide" turned on, so it didn't work the first time for me, as I couldn't get the in-game menu to pop-up.

    - While playing in the game, to see the walkthrough just hold L+R+A+B on the NDS and you should see a menu pop-up and then select "walkthough". I don't know what "walkthough2" does, maybe you can stick another walkthrough and see it, although not sure if you have to add a "2" suffix of something to the filename. Dunno. (Someone give pointers?) BTW, if you don't see the in-game menu, you've been just as stupid as I was the first time, and didn't turn on "soft reset". See previous point above.

    - If none of this is working out for you, make sure you have one of the alpha RC4 or higher kernals installed on your microSD card for your EZ Flash Vi. I linked to the most current one, RC7 (via the ez flash forum thread on the RC7 kernal), at the top of the post.

    Sorry in advance if this is already posted somewhere, and I'm a dumb-ass for not seeing it.

    Hope this helps.

    updated Nov.1.2009: Mbmax's correction about the EZ Flash V/Vi soft-reset keys (Thanks Mbmax). I updated my post. I originally stated L+R+A+B+X+Y are needed to be pressed for soft-reset, but it's only L+R+A+B keys. Much easier key combination to press now. =)
  2. Mbmax

    Mbmax Homebrew addicted

    Nov 7, 2006
    Nice thread. Thanks for that. [​IMG]

    This tool should be on the official download page, but it's not the case. I will ask about that. Must be fixed.

    Concerning the second guide, it must be named with _2.wlk if my memory is good.
    Example : mygamename.wlk for the first and mygamename_2.wlk for the second.

    And last, the softreset keys are L+R+A+B
    X+Y is not required. [​IMG]
  3. badchilli

    badchilli Member

    Oct 23, 2009
    United States
    Thanks MBmax. I edited my post regarding the softreset keys.
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