EZ4 Client 22nd Febuary pack

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    No updates patch wise since the 29th of January patch but the lists and other assorted stuff was tidied up so I thought I would share it here as well.
    Download (7zip format right now, if someone really wants another format (for example for the DS compression app) then shout):

    Readme is more or less what follows.

    Changelog/list of stuff
    DS list updated to:
    2045 Real Soccer 2008 (if you have a great desire to play the Japanese Snoopy game I am afraid you will have to type it in by hand)
    the .net (version 2.0 if memory serves) requiring updater is still there.

    GBA list updated to: World Safari - The Friendship Totems (a whole 36 releases, all by and large shovelware. See sentence above if you want to play Best Friends: Dogs & Cats - USA). Chinese names are still at wherever I last got to: this months update will be where I think about updating those. No 8:3 names either for stuff like mario, super robot taisen and advance wars yet. No new homebrew either.

    Xcode updated to the announced version (2600/17th of January by Windirt's list which is near enough all of them by any list you care to use: if you have a desperate need to cheat on the Chinese version of the TV tuner and I hear the 5th level is horrendous I am afraid it is learn to hack time)

    Rom patching DLL updated to 29th Of January version.

    DLDI file updated to unaligned high speed one at the top of the forum with old ones removed. Also included is a DS code DLDI patcher (patched for EZ4 naturally: just copy and paste), DLDItool and EZBuild for adding GBA headers also included. As an aside you might have seen the DSvideo dldi files but the one included works out of the box so no need for anything on that front. Homebrew basics updated as well.

    EZ4 Client: Same as Le.Schtroumpf.J's version (the version from gens32 site without changelog).

    Loader: modulo's RESET loader (presently the best available) bundled.

    Languages: All sorted and confirmed working. Based on my pack.

    Skins: a few ones since my last pack, thanks Le.Schtroumpf.J.
    AquaOS.ssk (one you are most likely using now)
    MSN Messenger.ssk

    To do
    The only thing missing as far as I can see is some premade saves for stuff like brain age 2. If I am feeling bored when the next update appears I will try and remember to add them.
    Thanks are in order:
    everyone who helped out in the update thread, especially meangreenie, BelmontSlayer and sunads.
    npc3232 (DS port of the DLDItool app)
    Barni and OSW (updated DLDI patch)
    Windirt: updates for just about everything.
    The people responsible for the translations.
    Korpiklaani, I forgot just how tedious this is.
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    Aug 4, 2006
    What's the RESET loader? Different from the official one?
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    Nov 21, 2005
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    A while back (about a year now actually) modulo decided to hack the loader to reset before loading a GBA game dodging slowdown when you launched GBA from DS mode. Previously older EZ4s (lite and original) used an older loader while the compact and deluxe users were out of luck or had to use cory1492's reset tools.

    There is also a nonds version which is a few megs smaller and lacks DS mode entirely. It does not work with skinning tools though so I do not tend to spread it (still on my site though).