EFA Linker will not write pocketnes rom ... ideas?

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    Ok so here's a question that would have been a hot topic back in 2004, but now I'm just hoping someone out there has a clue. I run a EFA Linker 256mbit on my GBA SP2. I love it and it's still working as good as new. But tonight I decided to give pocketnes a try for the first time in years (i'd been using nesds for my portable famicom needs, but I'm not using a DS right now). I made the rom using pnesmmw12a, with the rom size coming in under 4 mbytes (i.e. 32mbits). No problem generating the pocketnes rom. But when I try to write the rom in the EFA client 2.62, it always hangs usually around 21%, although one time it hung at 9%. I'm not doing anything unusual with the pnesmmw12a settings when I make the pocketnes rom, and I've tried this with the save file set for 256k (which is the EFA's default size for pocketnes) and 512k (which is the pocketnes default save size). I've also tried it with pnesmmw12a set to pad the rom to exactly 32mbit, and not padding the rom. No change.

    Regular GBA roms flash with no problems.

    Any ideas what might be preventing the EFA client from writing the pocketnes rom???
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    I'm not sure what could be preventing it but you might want to try an earlier version of the EFA client.

    Also, do other emulators (like Goomba) or homebrew work?